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Chicago, IL, United States

Rush University Medical Center is a 676-bed academic medical center that includes hospital facilities for adults and children. It also includes the Johnston R. Bowman Health Center . It is affiliated with Rush University. Rush is a not-for-profit health care, education and research enterprise comprising Rush University Medical Center, Rush University, Rush Oak Park Hospital and Rush Health. Rush University is home to one of the first medical colleges in the midwest and includes one of the nation's top-ranked nursing colleges, as well as graduate programs in allied health, health systems management and biomedical research. Rush also offers more than 70 residency and fellowship programs in medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties. Rush is the largest non-governmental employer on Chicago's West Side and is the 20th largest private sector employer in Chicago, with more than 8,000 employees and a payroll of more than $500 million. Wikipedia.

Gillespie D.,Rush University Medical Center
Nano Letters | Year: 2012

It is proposed that the layering of large ions at the wall/liquid interface of nanofluidic channels can be used to achieve high efficiency (possibly >50%) in the conversion of hydrostatic energy into electrical power. Large ions tend to produce peaks and troughs in their concentration profiles at charged walls, producing high concentrations far from the walls where the ions' pressure-driven velocity is high. This increases the streaming conductance and the energy conversion efficiency. © 2012 American Chemical Society. Source

DeCoursey T.E.,Rush University Medical Center
Physiological Reviews | Year: 2013

Voltage-gated proton channels (HV) are unique, in part because the ion they conduct is unique. HV channels are perfectly selective for protons and have a very small unitary conductance, both arguably manifestations of the extremely low H+ concentration in physiological solutions. They open with membrane depolarization, but their voltage dependence is strongly regulated by the pH gradient across the membrane (ΔpH), with the result that in most species they normally conduct only outward current. The HV channel protein is strikingly similar to the voltage-sensing domain (VSD, the first four membrane-spanning segments) of voltage-gated K+ and Na+ channels. In higher species, HV channels exist as dimers in which each protomer has its own conduction pathway, yet gating is cooperative. HV channels are phylogenetically diverse, distributed from humans to unicellular marine life, and perhaps even plants. Correspondingly, HV functions vary widely as well, from promoting calcification in coccolithophores and triggering bioluminescent flashes in dinoflagellates to facilitating killing bacteria, airway pH regulation, basophil histamine release, sperm maturation, and B lymphocyte responses in humans. Recent evidence that hHV1 may exacerbate breast cancer metastasis and cerebral damage from ischemic stroke highlights the rapidly expanding recognition of the clinical importance of hHV1. © 2013 the American Physiological Society. Source

Rush University Medical Center | Date: 2015-12-10

A new class of anti-microbial agents and methods for preventing or reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections and/or diseases is provided. Preferably, these anti-microbial agents are also contraceptive and, thus, also prevent or reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancies. The anti-microbial agents comprise a delivery vector having anti-microbial activity (and preferably contraceptive activity) coupled with a nitric oxide donor moiety.

Rush University Medical Center | Date: 2014-08-28

A catheter lumen partitioner and methods for treating aneurysm are disclosed.

Rush University Medical Center | Date: 2015-09-22

A method of a measuring kinematic parameter in a subject is provided. The method includes obtaining a first magnetic resonance (MR) image set of a bone marrow segment of the subject in a first position and obtaining a second MR image set of the bone marrow segment of the subject in a second position where the second position different from the first position. The method further includes registering the first image set with the second image set and measuring a kinematic parameter.

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