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Dorchester, United Kingdom

A binding partner for the TSH receptor, which binding partner comprises, or is derived from, a human monoclonal or recombinant antibody, or one or more fragments thereof, reactive with the TSH receptor, uses thereof, methods of diagnosis and therapy employing the same, and anti-idiotypic antibodies thereto.

A method of screening a sample of body fluid obtained from an animal subject for analyte autoantibodies reactive with one or more antigenic molecules selected from pancreatic islet cell antigenic molecules (GAD, 1A2) and insulin, or one or more variants, analogues, derivatives or fragments thereof, and a kit for use in such a method. After addition of the sample one or more complexes comprising `antigenic molecule of fist source!-`analyte auto antibody!-`antigenic molecule of second source! The antigenic molecule of first source is immobilised to a solid phase, the second is labeled.

RSR Limited | Date: 2015-07-02

According to one aspect there is provided An isolated human antibody molecule which binds to the TSHR and which reduces ligand-induced stimulation of the TSHR but has no effect on TSHR constitutive activity wherein the isolated human antibody molecule has the characteristic of patient serum TSHR autoantibodies of inhibiting TSH and M22 binding to the TSHR.

RSR Limited | Date: 2013-07-24

This invention relates to a crystallisable composition comprising a TSHR polypeptide, to crystals comparing a TSHR polypeptide and to TSHR-related applications.

The present invention is concerned with epitope regions of a thyrotrophin (TSH) receptor, uses thereof and antibodies thereto.

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