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Leer, Germany

Stuke J.-H.,Roter Weg 22
Zootaxa | Year: 2014

The monotypic genus Merziella gen. nov. (Palaearctic Region: Europe) is described. A key to the genera of the subfamily Myopinae is presented. Copyright © 2014 Magnolia Press.

Stuke J.-H.,Roter Weg 22 | Lucia M.,National University of La Plata | Abrahamovich A.H.,National University of La Plata
Zootaxa | Year: 2011

Physocephala wulpi Camras was reared from Xylocopa artifex Smith, Xylocopa augusti Lepeletier, and Xylocapa splendidula Lepeletier. The puparium is described. An overview of conopid host records from the Neotropic Region, and records from Conopidae that develop in Xylocopa, is provided. Copyright © 2011 · Magnolia Press.

The previously unidentified Carnidae in the Canadian National Collection of Insects (Ottawa) have been investigated. All faunistic records of 26 species are presented in this paper. Hemeromyia alberichae spec. nov. (USA), Meoneura hobbitoides spec. nov. (USA), Meoneura swifti spec. nov. (USA), Meoneura tinkerbellae spec. nov. (Canada), and Meoneura yodai spec. nov. (Canada) are described. First records are reported for Argentina, Canada, and Lebanon. © 2016 Magnolia Press.

New records of 38 species of the Conopid genera Paramyopa Kröber, 1916a, Pseudoconops Camras, 1962b, Stylogaster Macquart, 1835, Thecophora Rondani, 1845, and Zodion Latreille, 1797 are presented from the Afrotropical Region. Stylogaster angolensis spec. nov. (Angola), Stylogaster cryptica spec. nov. (Ethiopia), Stylogaster fianarantsoensis spec. nov. (Madagascar), Stylogaster ivindoensis spec. nov. (Gabon), Stylogaster malaisei spec. nov. (Madagascar), Stylogaster occulta spec. nov. (Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi), Stylogaster rwenzoriensis spec. nov. (Democratic Republic of Congo), Stylogaster tanzaniensis spec. nov. (Tanzania), Thecophora clementsi spec. nov. (Madagascar), Thecophora freidbergi spec. nov. (Kenya), Thecophora nigrifrons spec. nov. (Kenya, Cameroon), Thecophora obsoleta spec. nov. (Madagascar), and Thecophora submetallica spec. nov. (Madagascar) are new to science. A neotype is designated for Thecophora pilosa (Kröber, 1916). Thecophora africana (Brunetti, 1925), Thecophora flavicornis (Kröber, 1936), and Thecophora ruwenzori (Camras, 1962) are new junior synonyms of Thecophora pilosa; Paramyopa schultzei (Bezzi, 1908) is a new junior synonym of Paramyopa oestracea (Loew, 1863) (syn. nov.). Stylogaster nitidula Kröber, 1936 is interpretated as a nomen dubium (stat. rev.). Copyright © 2015 Magnolia Press.

Kahanpaa J.,University of Helsinki | Stuke J.-H.,Roter Weg 22
ZooKeys | Year: 2014

A checklist of the Diptera superfamilies Conopoidea (Conopidae), Nerioidea (Micropezidae, Pseudopomyzidae) and Diopsoidea (Megamerinidae, Psilidae, Strongylophthalmyiidae, Tanypezidae) from Finland in presented. Myopa vicaria Walker, 1849 is formally recorded for the first time from the country. © 2014, J. Kahanpää, J.-H. Stuke. All rights reserved.

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