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München, Germany

A method for producing a spectacle lens having in particular a diffractive microstructure on at least one lens surface. To this end, a thin structural support layer is initially made available, which on a surface has a microstructure. A lens main body is then cast to the microstructure of the structural support layer.

Rodenstock Gmbh | Date: 2013-12-23

A method and a device for stimulating accommodation of at least one eye of a test person. There is a reliable possibility for determining a set of ophthalmological data relating to at least one eye of the test person and particularly for measuring refractive error of the test person and for determining a corresponding optical correction. The device for determining a set of ophthalmological data relating to at least one eye of a test person, in particular a device for objectively determining refraction comprises: an accommodation stimulating device which is designed to project a virtual target having a spherical effect and having an adjustable cylindrical effect into the at least one eye of the test person; and a measuring device for determining ophthalmological data relating to the at least one eye of the test person.

Rodenstock Gmbh | Date: 2012-09-26

The present invention relates to photochromic double-fused naphthopyrans of the general formula (I) or (II) and the use thereof in plastics of all kinds, particularly for ophthalmic purposes. The photochromic compounds according to the invention are characterized by two distinct absorption bands of the open form in the visible wavelength range, i.e. two conventional photochromic dyes, each having only one discrete absorption band, can be replaced with dye molecules of this type. The compounds according to the invention, moreover, have a very good lifetime with a very high performance.

Rodenstock Gmbh | Date: 2013-10-16

A method for preparing ophthalmic lenses, which have a microstructure on at least one side, particularly a diffractive microstructure for colour fringe correction, wherein the invention provides in particular a method which substantially reduces any adverse effect on the microstructure by damage or soiling during the manufacture of an ophthalmic lens and during the use thereof. Thus a method according to the invention for manufacturing an ophthalmic lens comprises provision of a microstructure on at least one first surface of an ophthalmic lens glass and application of at least one protective coating on the ophthalmic lens glass in such a manner that the protective coating at least partially covers the microstructure, wherein the protective coating has a refractive index which differs from the refractive index of the ophthalmic lens glass.

Rodenstock GmbH | Date: 2012-12-10

The determination of objective refraction data for an eye of a spectacle wearer, wherein based on measured data for the eye of the spectacle wearer, which determine at least one first set of Zernike coefficients of a wave front aberration for a long accommodation and a second set of Zernike coefficients of a wave front aberration for a short accommodation of the eye, objective refraction data for sphere (Sph for a corrected power vector P between a first power vector and a second power vector when M>A when MA is the spherical equivalent of a predetermined object distance d for close viewing.

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