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Stuttgart, Germany

A particulate lithium metal composite materials having a layer containing phosphorous and a method for producing said phosphorous-coated lithium metal products, characterized in that melted, droplet-shaped lithium metal is reacted in a hydrocarbon solvent with a phosphorous source that contains the phosphorous in the oxidation stage 3, and use thereof for the pre-lithiation of electrode materials and the production of battery anodes.

Rockwood Lithium Gmbh | Date: 2013-10-09

Additives for galvanic cells wherein fluorine-free sodium, potassium, cesium, and/or rubidium salts that are soluble in polar organic solvents are used as electrolyte components (additives).

The invention relates to particulate lithium metal composite materials, stabilized by alloy-forming elements of the third and fourth primary group of the PSE and method for production thereof by reaction of lithium metal with film-forming element precursors of the general formulas (I) or (II): [AR

The invention relates to a method for the hydrometallurgical recovery of lithium from the lithium manganese oxide-containing fraction of used galvanic cells.

Rockwood Lithium GmbH | Date: 2013-04-24

Rechargeable, non-aqueous lithium batteries which contain, as active anode material, either lithium metal or a lithium alloy, an active cathode material with a redox potential in the range of between 1.5 and 3.4 V vs. Li/Li

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