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Basel, Switzerland

Roche Holding AG and Hitachi High-Technologies | Date: 2016-01-13

According to an embodiment of the disclosure, the analyzer includes a reagent driving disk that accommodates a reagent configured for analysis and that transports the reagent to a desired position, and a fixed disk that has a reagent stand-by position in which to make a reagent container containing the reagent, temporarily stand by, and a magnetic particles stirring position for stirring magnetic particles. A portion of the reagent stand-by position is constituted by a loading system. A reagent container moving unit moves reagent containers containing the reagent, between the reagent driving unit and the fixed disk, according to analytical request status. Providing in a part of the fixed disk the loading system constructed so that reagent containers containing the reagent can be mounted therein during operation enables changing of reagent containers, irrespective of an operational status of the reagent driving disk, and the system to having cold-storage functionality.

Roche Holding AG | Date: 2015-12-08

A method and a production device for producing a test element are disclosed. The method comprises providing in a transport step a continuous substrate tape, wherein the tape is transported in a transport direction parallel to a direction of extension of the continuous substrate tape; applying in an adhesive application step at least one continuous adhesive strip, wherein the strip is applied to the continuous substrate tape with a liquid adhesive and a slot coating process, and wherein the continuous adhesive strip is oriented parallel to the transport direction; applying in a cover element application step at least one cover element, wherein the at least one cover element is applied to the continuous adhesive strip, thereby securing the cover element to the continuous substrate tape; and individualizing in an individualization step the continuous substrate tape, wherein the tape is individualized into single test elements.

In one embodiment, a method of filling a container with a liquid drug from a drug reservoir may include: a) connecting a container and a drug reservoir with a cannula such that the drug reservoir and the container fluidically communicate with each other via the cannula, while being hermetically sealed; b) reducing a first volume contained within the container to displace a gaseous medium from the first volume of the container via the cannula into a second volume contained within the drug reservoir; c) increasing the first volume of the container to displace the liquid drug from the second volume of the drug reservoir into the first volume of the container to fill the container; and d) disconnecting the container and the drug reservoir. Before performing action d), action b) and action c) can be successively performed more than once to stepwise increase an amount of liquid drug displaced.

Roche Holding AG | Date: 2015-01-30

The present invention relates to novel iridium-based Ir(III) luminescent complexes, conjugates comprising these complexes as a label and their application, e.g. in the electrochemiluminescence based detection of an analyte.

Roche Holding AG | Date: 2015-12-04

The invention also relates to compounds, which are useful for intra-molecular fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET), comprising the oxidized form of a carbaNADH-based first fluorophore and a second fluorophore that is excitable at a wave-length of between 445 to 540 nm and that has an emission maximum of greater than 560 nm, and methods, kits and compositions related thereto.

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