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Stuttgart, Germany

Robert Bosch GmbH , or Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. It is the world's largest supplier of automotive components measured by 2011 revenues. The company was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886.Bosch's core products are automotive components , industrial products and building products .Bosch has more than 350 subsidiaries across over 60 countries and its products are sold in around 150 countries. Bosch employs around 306,000 people and had revenues of approximately €52.5 billion in 2012. In 2012 it invested around €4.8 billion in research and development and applied for around 4,800 patents worldwide. In 2009 Bosch was the leader in terms of numbers of patents at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office with 3,213 patents.However, Bosch continued to extend its international footprint through company acquisitions and investments in new plants, and will continue along with this path in 2013. For example, the Bosch Group is planning to set up a manufacturing site for automotive windshield-wiper systems near Belgrade, Serbia. By 2019 some 70 million euros will be invested. Construction work was set to begin in early 2012, with production due to commence at the start of 2013. Initially, some 60 associates will work in manufacturing operations with a floor area of around 22,000 square meters. By 2019 the number of associates is set to rise to some 620. Its objectives are to achieve a better increase in sales than in 2012 and to improve result significantly.Robert Bosch GmbH is privately owned, and 92% of its share capital is held by Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, a charitable foundation. The majority of voting rights are held by Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG, an industrial trust. The remaining shares are held by the Bosch family and by Robert Bosch GmbH. The Bosch logo represents a simple magneto armature and casing, one of the company's first products. Wikipedia.

MYC rearrangements occur in 5% to 10% of diffuse large B-cell lymphomas (DLBCL) and confer an increased risk to cyclophosphamide, hydroxydaunorubicin, oncovin, and prednisone (CHOP) and rituximab (R)-CHOP treated patients. We investigated the prognostic relevance of MYC-, BCL2- and BCL6-rearrangements and protein expression in a prospective randomized trial. Paraffin-embedded tumor samples from 442 de novo DLBCL treated within the RICOVER study of the German High-Grade Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Study Group (DSHNHL) were investigated using immunohistochemistry and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to detect protein expression and breaks of MYC, BCL2, and BCL6. Rearrangements of MYC, BCL2, and BCL6 were detected in 8.8%, 13.5%, and 28.7%, respectively. Protein overexpression of MYC (>40%) was encountered in 31.8% of tumors; 79.6% and 82.8% of tumors expressed BCL2 and BCL6, respectively. MYC translocations, MYChigh, BCL2high, and BCL6low protein expressions were associated with inferior survival. In multivariate Cox regression modeling, protein expression patterns of MYC, BCL2 and BCL6, and MYC rearrangements were predictive of outcome and provided prognostic information independent of the International Prognostic Index (IPI) for overall survival and event-free survival. A combined immunohistochemical or FISH/immunohistochemical score predicts outcome in DLBCL patients independent of the IPI and identifies a subset of 15% of patients with dismal prognosis in the high-risk IPI group following treatment with R-CHOP. Registered at http://www.cancer.gov/clinicaltrials: RICOVER trial of the DSHNHL is NCT 00052936. Source

A vehicle brake system and method for operating same, having a master brake cylinder, a brake medium reservoir, and a first brake circuit, connected via a reservoir line to the brake reservoir, having at least one first wheel brake cylinder, a first wheel inlet valve associated with the first brake cylinder, a first pump, by which a first brake medium volume is pumpable from the reservoir line through the open first wheel inlet valve into the first brake cylinder, a continuously adjustable first wheel outlet valve, by which a first brake medium displacement from the first cylinder into the brake reservoir is controllable, and a connecting line having a spring-loaded non-return valve, via which a delivery side of the first pump is connected to the brake reservoir, a brake medium displacement from the brake reservoir to the delivery side of the first pump being prevented by the spring-loaded non-return valve.

Robert Bosch GmbH | Date: 2015-03-11

An electric power tool has a tool housing and a drive motor configured to drive an insert tool. The drive motor is switched on and off by an electric switch actuated by a switching device. The switching device has at least one switching slide with a first end and a second end. The first end has a receiver configured to receive an operating element. The second end is connected to an actuating element configured to actuate the electric switch. The receiver has a first region that tapers into a second region. The operating element has a connecting web connected to a holding element. The holding element has an extent that is less than or equal to an assigned extent of the first region. The connecting web has an extent that is less than or equal to an assigned extent of the second region.

A position measurement system including a material measure and a scanning device movable relative to one another with respect to a measurement direction. The material measure has a plurality of markings which are arranged in a row with respect to the measurement direction, wherein the scanning device includes a transmitter winding arrangement. Multiple receiver coils are provided which are arranged in a row with respect to the measurement direction. The inductive coupling between the transmitter winding arrangement and the receiver coils is a function of the position of the scanning device with respect to the material measure. The transmitter winding arrangement defines multiple separate transmitter areas which are arranged in a row with respect to the measurement direction. A maximum of one single receiver coil is situated in each of the transmitter areas. At least one switching means is provided via which the two adjacent receiver coils are differentially interconnectable.

Robert Bosch GmbH | Date: 2015-08-31

A valve for installation in a valve bore of a housing or valve block includes a valve bushing for insertion into the valve bore, a guided valve piston that can be moved axially in the valve bushing, an activation section of said piston projecting above the valve bushing axially, and a valve cover that is configured to be arranged over the valve bore and that forms, together with the activation section of the valve piston, at least one activation pressure chamber.

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