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Alekseeva K.O.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Baikov V.A.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Kolonskikh A.V.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Vodopianov V.V.,Ufa State Aviation Technical University
Neftyanoe Khozyaystvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2017

The relevance of the investigated problem is caused by a great deal of carbonate reservoirs among the world oil reserves and the low efficiency of existing widespread reservoir engineering as applied to these reservoirs (e.g., flooding). There is therefore a need for creation of new and improvement of existing oil production technologies, taking into account the specificity of these reservoirs and permitting to increase the oil recovery factor. The paper presents a technology of cyclic water flooding for fractured reservoir to increase the oil recovery factor. This technology is based on the mechanism of multiple oil degassing and consists in the multiple reservoir pressure passing through the bubble point pressure, which permits to enhance the oil recovery factor by means of multiple dissolved gas work. In previous studies of the efficacy of single or cyclic fractured reservoir stimulation purposely oil-in-place degassing the detailed oil displacement simulation has not been conducted and only qualitative assessments of oil recovery factor, which allow to conclude about the appropriateness of proposed enhanced recovery methods, has been conducted. In this work, the leading method in the study of the problem is the method of hydrodynamic simulation. Using oil-wet fractured reservoir models the existing oil recovery methods, based on the oil degassing mechanism, has been compared. The cyclic recovery drive, proposed in this work, was the most effective in terms of enhanced oil recovery. The estimation of the cyclic oil displacement parameters, which allow to enhance the oil recovery factor, has been conducted. One of these parameters is the minimum bottom-hole pressure in the displacement cycles. The simulation results showed that an optimal value of the minimum bottom-hole pressure in the displacement cycles, at which oil recovery factor becomes maximum, exists and it depends on the critical water saturation of the reservoir. An optimized version of the cyclic recovery drive with a variable minimum bottom-hole pressure in the displacement cycles, which allows to get an additional increase of oil recovery factor, is proposed by authors. Article submissions may be useful in designing of technological processes for fractured reservoir production using described technology of cyclic reservoir stimulation based on mechanism of the multiple oil degassing.

Ziganbaev A.Kh.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Suleymanov D.D.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2013

This article is devoted to the studying of the Bazhenov formation, notably the prediction of its lithological variability. The basic lithotypes on log data and core description, the estimation of the degree of differentiation of the section on lithotypes in the field of velocity and density characteristics have been done. The results of simultaneous inversion angle stacks and calculating the seismic cubes elastic properties, on the basis of which is built three-dimensional lithological model of Bazhenov formation on the Salymskoye field, are shown.

Ismagilov T.A.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Magzianov I.R.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2013

The paper discusses the principles of water shut-off using flow diverting technologies in premature breakthrough of injected water to the producing wells in the hydrodynamic conditions associated with in-situ reservoir crossflow. It is shown the basic performance requirements of the agents and methods of it's direct placement to improve impact in these conditions.For a successful application of the technology the agent must be suitable for the requirements of the resistance factor, the time of gel formation and the residual resistance factor. According to the results of the implementation the maximum technological effect can be reached in primary using, relative efficiency of the injection technology is reduced after repeated using without increasing the pumping volume of the agent.

Latypov I.D.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Fedorov A.I.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Nikitin A.N.,RN Yuganskneftegaz LLC
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2013

Article is devoted to generalization of the results of reorientation refracturing method carried out on Prirazlomnoye and Priobskoye oilfields (RN-Yuganskneftegaz LLC) for solving the stimulation of the formation. Geophysical logs confirmed the fact of the reorientation refracturing in five wells. The proposed indirect methods of diagnosing the reorientation refracturing increase the accuracy of the interpretation. The technique allows to control the reorientation refracturing by creating the necessary depression and calculating the time of stimulation.

Baikov V.A.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Davletbaev A.Ya.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Ivaschenko D.S.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC
Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Russian Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Technical Conference and Exhibition 2014, RO and G 2014 - Sustaining and Optimising Production: Challenging the Limits with Technology | Year: 2014

The current progress in oilfield development is focused on ultra-low permeable reservoirs to be put in production. Experimental results show that fluid flow in ultra-low permeable reservoirs no longer obeys Darcy's law. We investigate the pressure pattern behavior under a nonlinear relation between flow velocity and pressure gradient. The use of non-Darcy flow simulation in pressure/rate transient field data analysis exhibits new possibilities for estimating permeability and a drainage area. The results obtained show that the effective drainage area is significantly smaller than interwell distance in a development system cell. This may cause decision making for infill drilling in low-gradient areas. Copyright © 2014, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Bulgakova G.T.,Ufa State Aviation Technical University | Kharisov R.Y.,RN UfaNIPIneft Ltd | Sharifullin A.R.,Bashneft | Pestrikov A.V.,Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2014

Application of a self-diverting-acid based on viscoelastic surfactant (SDVA) is a promising technology for improving the efficacy of acid treatment in oil and gas-bearing carbonate reservoirs. In this study, we present a mathematical model for assessing SDVA flow and reaction with carbonate rock using the SDVA rheological characteristics. The model calculates the technological parameters for acidizing operations and the prediction of well productivity after acid treatment, in addition to technical and economic optimization of the acidizing process by modeling different acid treatment options with varying volumes, injection rates, process fluids stages and initial economic scenarios. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Davletbaev A.Ya.,RN Ufanipineft LLC | Islamov R.R.,RN Ufanipineft LLC | Ivashchenko D.S.,RN Ufanipineft LLC
Neftyanoe Khozyaystvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2015

The paper considers some features of IPR curves in case of modified (fast) gas well deliverability tests. Such a test represents a sequence of short drawdown and buildup processes. The essence of the approach suggested is to extrapolate the pressure buildup process using the superposition principle in order to estimate the wellbore pressure at the end of the subsequent drawdown period. This enables to increase accuracy of IPR curves calculation and interpretation. The paper contains a formal description of the interpretation procedure and numerical examples.

Ismagilov T.A.,RN Ufanipineft LLC
Neftyanoe Khozyaystvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2015

This paper describes the modern approach to the water isolating gel design for the waterflow baffling technologies, considering the mechanisms (routes) of injected water breakthrough, which were developed by RN-UfaNIPIneft LLC, considering the global experience and tested at Rosneft oilfields. Main types of waterflow routes are discussed, presented gel placement algorithms depending on type of water breakthrough, methods of its routes identification and field experience results. Hydrodynamic features of waterflow in different water breakthrough routes result in different technological requirements for gel placement design. Specific features of design meet the requirements of each type of water breakthrough mechanisms. Findings from oilfields show us increasing essential efficiency potential of this EOR design.

Bezrukov A.V.,RN UfaNIPIneft Ltd. | Davletova A.R.,RN UfaNIPIneft Ltd.
Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Russian Oil and Gas Technical Conference and Exhibition 2010, RO and G 10 | Year: 2010

The conventional methods of two-point statistics (TPS) applied in geological simulation have preserved histograms and variograms. However, they have serious limitations in creating complex reliable distributions of geological bodies. Multiple-point statistics (MPS) methods enable solving a wider spectrum of geological simulation problems while also preserving the common statistical parameters. However, the application of these methods in practice is complicated by the requirement of reliable litho-facial models and the corresponding training images. A possible solution could be the development of a library of training images (TI) to cover the variety of sedimentation environments and a wide distribution of statistical parameters in geo models. The selection of training images and their scales for specific simulation tasks is based on matching statistical parameters; the simulation result in this case inherits these parameters. This approach ensures the match in general statistical parameters of the models created using TPS and MPS. However, the difference in higher-order distributions may affect flow model properties. In this paper, we investigate some issues of implementing MPS methods, developing a training image library, as well as selecting and scaling TIs. Some comparison results between TPS and MPS models are presented. Copyright 2010, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Maltsev V.V.,RN Yuganskneftegas LLC | Asmandiyarov R.N.,RN Yuganskneftegas LLC | Baikov V.A.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Usmanov T.S.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC | Davletbaev A.Ya.,RN UfaNIPIneft LLC
Neftyanoe Khozyaistvo - Oil Industry | Year: 2012

This paper discuses result of field case of interference test with spontaneous development of fracture in the Injection wells when the bottomhole pressure is higher than the formation fracturing pressures. Within 3 months of water Injection growth of fracture length - 1000 m. A numerical model was used to Interpret the results of field case and estimated fracture conductivity.

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