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Rose Hill, NC, United States

Riverside High School

Rose Hill, NC, United States
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Dalby D.K.,Riverside High School | Maynard J.H.,University of Wisconsin - Madison | Moore J.W.,University of Wisconsin - Madison
Journal of Chemical Education | Year: 2011

A method for demonstrating and expanding the Ira Remsen copper penny and nitric acid experience has been developed. It involves additional chemistry, showing five transformations of copper from one form to another. © 2011 The American Chemical Society and Division of Chemical Education, Inc.

Heil C.S.S.,Duke University | Manzano-Winkler B.,Duke University | Hunter M.J.,Riverside High School | Noor J.K.F.,Duke University | Noor M.A.F.,Duke University
American Biology Teacher | Year: 2013

We present a laboratory exercise that leverages student interest in genetics to observe and understand evolution by natural selection. Students begin with white-eyed fruit fly populations, to which they introduce a single advantageous variant (one male with red eyes). The superior health and vision associated with having the red-eye-color allele confers a fitness advantage, and the students can watch the spread of the allele within the population. The increasing numbers of red-eyed flies they observe over generations demonstrate evolution by natural selection. The students concurrently learn genetic principles, including basic inheritance and X-linkage. © 2013 by National Association of Biology Teachers.

Hou Y.,Duke University | Cheng Y.,Duke University | Hobson T.,Riverside High School | Liu J.,Duke University
Nano Letters | Year: 2010

For efficient use of metal oxides, such as MnO2 and RuO 2, in pseudocapacitors and other electrochemical applications, the poor conductivity of the metal oxide is a major problem. To tackle the problem, we have designed a ternary nanocomposite film composed of metal oxide (MnO 2), carbon nanotube (CNT), and conducting polymer (CP). Each component in the MnO2/CNT/CP film provides unique and critical function to achieve optimized electrochemical properties. The electrochemical performance of the film is evaluated by cyclic voltammetry, and constant-current charge/discharge cycling techniques. Specific capacitance (SC) of the ternary composite electrode can reach 427 F/g. Even at high mass loading and high concentration of MnO2 (60%), the film still showed SC value as high as 200 F/g. The electrode also exhibited excellent charge/discharge rate and good cycling stability, retaining over 99% of its initial charge after 1000 cycles. The results demonstrated that MnO2 is effectively utilized with assistance of other components (fFWNTs and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) -poly(styrenesulfonate) in the electrode. Such ternary composite is very promising for the next generation high performance electrochemical supercapacitors. © 2010 American Chemical Society.

Carlo D.D.,University of Northern Iowa | Hinkhouse H.,Riverside High School | Isbell L.,Gilbert High School
Journal of Science Education and Technology | Year: 2010

This paper outlines the connection between qualitative research methods in education and teacher reflective practices as they relate to Valli's (Reflective teacher education: cases and critiques. State University of New York Press, Albany, 1992; Peabody J Educ 72(1): 67-88, 1997) model of reflection. Using the authors' own experiences in performing and guiding educational research, and existing research in the field of teacher education pertaining to reflective practitioners, explicit connections are made between the two paradigms. These connections illustrate the importance of integrating authentic research experiences into the teacher education curriculum outside the context of methods courses, much like models established in the sciences. © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2009.

News Article | December 1, 2016
Site: www.prweb.com

“Confessions of the Heart”: a simple, yet sophisticated admission into the life experiences that brought a spirit from sin and darkness to a life lived for the Lord. “Confessions of the Heart” is the creation of published author, Canaa Lee, who grew up in the small town of Brinkley, Arkansas with a population of roughly five thousand people. She has been a teacher since she was twelve years old. She started playing the piano at the age of six. Her forte in high school was mathematics. Mathematics came easy to her, and she helped her friends with their homework. Her first passion was music, but she soon realized that majoring in mathematics would make her become more marketable with a degree in mathematics verses a degree in music. Lee’s first teaching job was in Fort Worth, Texas, at South Hills High School. She completed her graduate work at the University of Central Arkansas in August 2005. In 2006, she took a position as an instructional specialist at Carter-Riverside High School in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2008, she took a position as a lead content teacher at Leonard Middle School in Fort Worth, Texas. Lee taught at Little Rock Central High School from 2003 to 2006. In the summer of 2008, she moved to Garland to teach at Garland High School. In 2010, she was given the opportunity to be Program Administrator for Project Educating and Diversifying to Grow Exponentially (EDGE). In September of 2011, she was unanimously selected as the 2011 Garland NAACP Educator of the Year. This was the first time in her entire teaching career that she had been recognized for her efforts as a teacher. But her world came crashing down on October 5, 2011. Her mom called to tell Lee her dad died! She asked, “What do you mean Daddy died?” She was in denial, and soon thereafter the emotions came. This was the first time in her career that she put everything on hold and had to STOP. In 2012, she met the woman who soon became her best friend and introduced her to the Christian lifestyle. Her life slowly started to pick up. Lee decided to make some changes in her life. She was a published author and a public speaker; she had a new best friend. She even started to go to church. A new circle of friends was a breath of fresh air. Instead of just going to work and going home, she was actually enjoying her life and the people that she was around. In 2013, she decided she wanted to do something special for her thirty-fourth birthday and went on a singles’ cruise. It sounded like a great, relaxing, and enjoying vacation. She met the nicest guy ever. However, the events that happened after this changed her life forever. Canaa believes that, "Death changed my perspective on life and moved me in the direction of seeking God. My Dad was a totally different man before he died. I knew at that moment that only God could change the heart of a man. What started out as just a friendly email conversation, evolves into a collection of poems and letters that I believe in my heart will draw people closer to God." Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Canaa Lee’s new book is a testament of repentance, forgiveness and God’s unconditional love: the underlining theme throughout the entire Bible. “This is an inspiring book and I loved the poetic tones. It took a lot of courage for Canaa to open herself and bear her soul, but she gave me the courage to look at my own life and empowered me to seek the answers, by reading the Bible in a different light. It is beautifully written and very easy to read. I love the depth of her writing and the warmth of her heart. Thank you, Canaa, for reminding me we are all human, we make mistakes, sometimes people don’t forgive us nor do we forgive them. I recommend this book to all. It is deep and inspiring,” (editorial review by Debbie Raynes). “Your book had been on my desk for me to look at every day but recently I had been digging into learning more about confession and repentance and that’s when I picked your book up. Your book reminds me of the feelings and hurts I had with my father growing up. I love your transparency and honestly, you really know how to put a book together that points to character of God. Keep it up!” (Brian Knoedl). “I read the book in one sitting; it was good because it was real! This is an amazing read” (Chasity Lewallen). View a synopsis of “Confessions of the Heart" on YouTube. Consumers can purchase“Confessions of the Heart” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, Kobo or Barnes and Noble. For additional information or inquiries about “Confessions of the Heart”, contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

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