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Bhopal, India

Yadav A.K.,IFTM University | Sachan A.K.,RITS
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing | Year: 2012

Dynamic neural network is became one of the most important approaches to eliminate Q table (look-up-table) of the machine intelligence. On the basis of comparison between general Artificial neural network and dynamic neural network, the development of dynamic neural network will be discussed. After the introduction of the theory and algorithms of reinforcement learning (RL), dynamic neural network will be applied as a basic decision taking unit (classifier neural network) in the form of a new technology. This will develop the application of reinforcement learning and provides a new idea for agent learning during real time operation. Use neural network for supervised learning, state as input/action as label. Reinforcement learning is widely use by different research field as intelligent control, robotics and neuroscience. It provides us possible solution within unknown environment. But at the same time we have to take care of its decision because RL can independently learn without prior knowledge or training and it take decision by learning experience through trail-and-error interaction with its environment. In this paper, we discussed a new dynamic neural network model and its algorithms in detail, together with the issues that arise in Q table (look-up-table).Additionally, the benefit and challenges of reinforcement learning are described along with some of the problem domains where the dynamic neural network techniques have been applied. In order to access dynamic neural network is to eliminate Q table (look-up-table) and agent should learn during real time operation. © 2012 Springer-Verlag GmbH Berlin Heidelberg. Source

Selot A.,Sadhu Vaswani College | Aynyas M.,P.A. College | Tiwari M.,MPIET | Dev K.,RITS
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2014

Phosphor material CaMgAl10O17 with varying concentration of rare earth Ce3+ synthesis by combustion method at 500°C. The synthesized phosphor material characterized for their crystallinity and nature by XRD measurements. The photoluminescence measurements of phosphor exhibit mainly two PL spectra 382nm and 575 nm in blue and red region, respectively, this is due to crystal field and covalence effect. These results show that concentration quenching occur at 5mol° of Ce dopant. The results suggest the possibility of utilizing as a phosphor may be in solid state lighting. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC. Source

Hashmi S.S.,ICFAI University, Tripura | Sattar S.A.,RITS | Soundararajan K.,KPES
2015 International Conference and Workshop on Computing and Communication, IEMCON 2015 | Year: 2015

Due to the nature of various types of end-to-end mobile devices in heterogeneous network, congestion was one of the main problems in heterogeneous networks. This paper proposes a congestion aware routing approach based on the evaluation of weight value as a link cost index. The link cost evaluation considers the evaluation of buffer delay, data rate, MAC overhead and link quality. This approach uses a multipath routing approach which discovers multiple disjoint routes from a source to destination having heterogeneity between each other. Among the discovered routes, the route with minimum cost index is selected, which is based on the node weight of all the in-network nodes from the source node to the destination node. By simulation results, the proposed approach has proved that it attains high packet delivery ratio, low routing overhead and also low end-to-end delay. © 2015 IEEE. Source

Sridhar K.,VREC | Sattar S.A.,RITS | Mohan M.C.,JNTUH College of Engineering
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | Year: 2016

An inter frame data hiding scheme in motion vectors of the compressed video streams is proposed in this paper. The main objective of this paper is to achieve a relatively high embedding capacity while preserving the encoding and the decoding schemes where the data hiding is based on the changing of motion vectors. However this approach tries to preserve the perceptual quality of the compressed video streams there by reflecting the usage of this algorithm to real time applications. The proposed approach is also been compared against the conventional LSB based approach both subjective and objective quality analysis were recorded for different experimental conditions. © Springer India 2016. Source

Zubair M.A.,Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad | Shaik I.B.,RITS
Global Conference on Communication Technologies, GCCT 2015 | Year: 2015

With the day to day advancements in technology, the interaction between the human and the digital world is diminishing. Lot of improvement has taken place in the mobile technology from button keypads to touch screens. However the current PCs still need a pad to operate its mouse and are wired most of the time. The idea is to develop a wireless mouse which works on the hand gestures of the user without the need of a pad making an effortless interaction between the human and the computer. The implementation is done using a sensor named accelerometer to sense the hand gestures. Accelerometer is a motion sensor which sense changes in motion in any of the three axes. In here the accelerometer will be at the users side, attached to the hand to sense the movement and gives the output to a micro-controller to process it. Necessary modifications are done by the microcontroller to these values and are transmitted through a RF module to the PC. At the receiving end a mouse control program which contains functions to control the mouse reads these values and performs the necessary action. © 2015 IEEE. Source

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