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Kokubunji, Japan

This invention relates to a viable particle counting system. The system includes: a viable particle counting means that counts viable particles existing in a fluid by irradiating the fluid containing target particles to be detected with light at a predetermined wavelength, separating selectively autofluorescence or phosphorescence emitted from the target particles by the radiated light, receiving the separated autofluorescence or phosphorescence, and determining that the target particles are the viable particles according to the received autofluorescence or phosphorescence; and a pre-stage irradiation means that irradiates the fluid with ultraviolet light in advance before the viable particle counting means irradiates the fluid with the light at the predetermined wavelength.

Rion Co. | Date: 2013-11-05

[Subject] To offer a light scattering particle counter that improves the SN ratio by sufficiently attenuating the high frequency noise component while suppressing the attenuation of the signal component. [Means for Solving the Problems] A light scattering particle counter which irradiates a laser beam La to a sample fluid and forms a particle detection area 13, a multi-channel light detecting element receives scattered light Ls from a particle passing through the particle detection area and detects the particle, the time constants c, m, e of the low pass filters F

RION Co. | Date: 2015-07-06

A hearing aid according to an embodiment of the present disclosure includes: a microphone configured to convert sound into an electric signal and output a first signal; a receiver configured to convert the third signal that is generated by performing predetermined hearing aid processing on a second signal, into sound; a first feedback removal unit having an adaptive filter configured to adaptively estimate a first transfer function of a sound feedback path from the receiver to the microphone; and a second feedback removal unit having a fixed filter configured to receive the third signal and use a fixed filter coefficient based on a second transfer function of a vibration feedback path from the receiver to the microphone. The second signal is generated by removing from the first signal, output signals from the adaptive filter and the fixed filter.

Rion Co. | Date: 2013-05-08

If input signal is transmitted to a main body unit, a sensor amplifier stores the input signal in itself as measurement data, and transmits the input signal with the added transfer order information to the main body unit. By checking the transfer order information added to the input signal, the main body unit can confirm if the input signal is deficient or not. Upon the end of the measurement of the physical quantity, the main body unit transmits the retransmission request that requests the retransmission of the deficient portion of the data to the sensor amplifier. According to the retransmission request from the main body unit, the sensor amplifier extracts the deficient portion of the input signal data stored in itself and retransmits the extracted input signal data to the main body unit.

An electromechanical transducer of the invention comprises a structural unit, an armature, and two elastic units. The structural unit includes magnets, a yoke and a coil. The armature has an inner portion disposed to pass through inside the structural unit and two outer portions protruding from the inner portion, and the armature constitutes a magnetic circuit with the structural unit via two regions through which components of the magnetic flux flow in reverse directions in the inner region. The elastic units give restoring forces to the outer portions in response to displacement of the armature due to magnetic forces of the magnetic circuit. Each of the elastic units includes a pair of elastic members symmetrically arranged via the armature in a direction of the displacement. Each of the elastic members has one end engaging one of the outer portions and another end engaging one of the elastic member attaching portions.

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