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Montreal, Canada

Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. is a Canadian company based in Montreal. It was created on November 15, 2007 as the result of the merger between Rio Tinto PLC's Canadian subsidiary, Rio Tinto Canada Holding Inc., and Canadian company Alcan Inc. On the same date, Alcan Inc. was renamed Rio Tinto Alcan Inc..Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. is the global leader of aluminium mining and production, above its one time parent Alcoa , Rusal and some Chinese public companies. Wikipedia.

Rio Tinto Alcan | Date: 2013-04-12

This preheating connector for electrically connecting an anode stern to an anode frame of an electrolytic cell during the warm-up phase of the electrolytic cell, includes means of fixing to the anode frame, and bearing means designed to exert pressure on the anode stem in order to keep it pressed up against the anode frame, the fixing means and bearing means being configured and arranged so as to add on the preheating connector onto a so-called permanent connector for electrical and mechanical connection of the anode stem to the anode frame during the continuous operating mode of the cell.

The present disclosure provides processes for recycling spent pot lining carbon by-products (SPLCB) obtained from a caustic leach process. The process provides treating spent pot lining (SPL) or SPLCB with Ca/P-containing stabilizing agents.

A safety confirmation system includes a mobile terminal that receives early disaster information, a center apparatus that manages a safety status of a user of the mobile terminal, and a map server that provides map information. The mobile terminal holds destination information and automatically acquires current location information upon receiving the early disaster information. The mobile terminal automatically transmits the current location information to the center apparatus and the map server, and automatically transmits the destination information to the map server. The center apparatus receives the current location information transmitted from the mobile terminal. The map server searches for a return route from the current location to a destination, generates map information including the return route, and transmits the map information to the mobile terminal. The mobile terminal receives and stores the map information including the return route and displays the map information.

Rio Tinto Alcan | Date: 2013-09-20

An aluminum alloy composition includes, in weight percent:

Rio Tinto Alcan | Date: 2013-07-19

An extrudable aluminum alloy composition includes, in weight percent, between 0.60 and 0.90 manganese, between 0.45 and 0.75 copper, between 0.05 and 0.24 magnesium, less than 0.30 iron, less than 0.30 silicon, less than 0.05 titanium, less than 0.05 vanadium, and a Cu/Mg ratio higher or equal to 3. It also relates to aluminum alloy heat exchanger extruded or drawn tube and extruded or drawn aluminum alloy tubing having the above-described aluminum alloy composition. It also relates to a heat exchanger comprising a plurality of extruded or drawn tube sections having the above-described aluminum alloy composition and a process for manufacturing same.

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