Saitama, Japan
Saitama, Japan

RIKEN is a large research institute in Japan. Founded in 1917, it now has approximately 3000 scientists on seven campuses across Japan, the main one in Wako, just outside Tokyo. RIKEN is an Independent Administrative Institution whose formal name in Japanese is Rikagaku Kenkyūsho .RIKEN conducts research in many areas of science, including physics, chemistry, biology, medical science, engineering and computational science, and ranging from basic research to practical applications. It is almost entirely funded by the Japanese government, and its annual budget is approximately ¥88 billion . Wikipedia.

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To provide a press-fit, sintered valve seat having high valve coolability and wear resistance for use in a high-efficiency engine, and its production method, Cu powder having an average particle size of 45 m or less and purity of 99.5% or more is used to form a network-connected Cu matrix, even though a relatively large amount of hard Co-based alloy particles are added; and Fe-P alloy powder is used for densification by liquid-phase sintering.

Provided is a skyrmion memory circuit capable of circularly transferring a magnetic element skyrmion, comprising one or more current paths in a magnet having a closed-path pattern that are provided surrounding an end region including an end portion of the magnet in a plane of the magnet with the closed-path pattern, and applying current between an outer terminal connected to an outer circumferential portion of the closed-path pattern and an inner circumference electrode connected to an inner circumferential portion of the closed-path pattern, transferring the skyrmion in a direction substantially perpendicular to the direction of the applied current, and circulating the skyrmion in the magnet with the closed-path pattern.

Riken | Date: 2017-05-03

To provide a piston ring exhibiting excellent scuffing resistance and wear resistance, and a piston ring capable of avoiding edge loading, even in a severe use environment under increased pressure and thermal load, the outer peripheral sliding surface has a first curved surface, which is outward bulging in a cross section along a center axis of the piston ring; the first curved surface having a radius of curvature continuously increasing or decreasing as going from the crank case side to the combustion chamber side.

Riken | Date: 2017-05-17

A compression ring that makes it possible to suppress adhesion of a piston material to the compression ring is provided. The compression ring 11 includes an annular main body 12 that is constituted of a steel material consisting of 0.45 to 0.55 mass% of C, 0.15 to 0.35 mass% of Si, 0.65 to 0.95 mass% of Mn, 0.80 to 1.10 mass% of Cr, 0.25 mass% or less of V, less than 0.010 mass% of P, and a balance containing Fe and an inevitable impurity.

Riken, University of Tokyo and School Corporation | Date: 2017-02-15

Strains of human-derived bacteria have been obtained from complex fecal samples and shown to induce accumulation of Th17 cells in the intestine and promote immune functions. Pharmaceutical compositions containing these bacteria can be used as anti-infectives and as adjuvants in mucosal vaccines.

Riken | Date: 2017-06-14

A magnetic storage media which has an endurance (durability) characteristics close to an infinite number of writing times of data and a data retention (holding) characteristics close to permanency, and is ultra-high-speed writable and erasable, and a data recording apparatus and an image recording apparatus which apply this magnetic storage media are provided. A magnetic storage media includes a thin layer magnet and a magnetic field generating unit arranged facing a surface of the magnet, and is capable of creating or eliminating a skyrmion by applying heat energy to another surface of the magnet positioned on the opposite side of the surface of the magnet, and a skyrmion memory includes the magnetic storage media.

To provide a magnetic element capable of performing skyrmion transfer, a skyrmion memory to which this magnetic element is applied, and a shift register, for example, a magnetic element capable of performing skyrmion transfer is provided, the magnetic element providing a transverse transfer arrangement in which the skyrmion is transferred substantially perpendicular to a current between an upstream electrode and a downstream electrode, and including a plurality of stable positions in which the skyrmion exists more stably than in other regions of a magnet, and a skyrmion sensor that detects a position of the skyrmion.

To provide a magnetic element which can generate a skyrmion, and a skyrmion memory which applies the magnetic element or the like. To provide a magnetic element with a chiral magnet for generating a skyrmion, the chiral magnet is made of a magnetic material having a -Mn type crystal structure. Also, to provide a magnetic element with a chiral magnet for generating a skyrmion, the chiral magnet is made of a magnetic material having an Au_(4)Al type crystal structure.

A magnetic element capable of generating and erasing a skyrmion, including a magnet shaped as a thin layer and including a structure surrounded by a nonmagnetic material; a current path provided surrounding an end region including an end portion of the magnet, on one surface of the magnet; and a skyrmion sensor that detects the generation and erasing of the skyrmion. With Wm being width of the magnet and hm being height of the magnet, a size of the magnet, with the skyrmion of a diameter being generated, is such that 2>Wm>/2 and 2>hm>/2. With W being width of the end region in a direction parallel to the end portion of the magnet and h being height of the end region in a direction perpendicular to the end portion of the magnet, the end region is such that W>/4 and 2>h>/2.

Takeichi M.,RIKEN
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology | Year: 2014

Epithelial cells display dynamic behaviours, such as rearrangement, movement and shape changes, particularly during embryonic development and in equivalent processes in adults. Accumulating evidence suggests that the remodelling of cell junctions, especially adherens junctions (AJs), has major roles in controlling these behaviours. AJs comprise cadherin adhesion receptors and cytoplasmic proteins that associate with them, including catenins and actin filaments, and exhibit various forms, such as linear or punctate. Remodelling of AJs induces epithelial reshaping in various ways, including by planar-polarized apical constriction that is driven by the contraction of AJ-associated actomyosin and that occurs during neural plate bending and germband extension. RHO GTPases and their effectors regulate actin polymerization and actomyosin contraction at AJs during the epithelial reshaping processes. copyright © 2014 Macmillan Publishers Limited.

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