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Nishi-Tokyo-shi, Japan

Omote K.,Rigaku Corporation
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter | Year: 2010

We have measured the strain of a thin Si layer deposited on a SiGe layer using a high resolution x-ray diffraction system. The Si layer was deposited on the SiGe layer in order to introduce a tensile strain to the Si layer. To measure the in-plane lattice constant accurately, we have employed so-called grazing-incidence in-plane diffraction. For this measurement, we have made a new five-axis x-ray goniometer which has four ordinal circles (ω, 2θ, χ, φ) plus a counter-χ-axis for selecting the exit angle of the diffracted x-rays. In grazing-incidence geometry, an incident x-ray is focused on the sample surface in order to obtain good diffraction intensity even though the layer thickness is less than 5 nm. Because diffracted x-rays are detected through analyzer crystals, the diffraction angle can be determined with an accuracy of ±0.0003°. This indicates that the strain sensitivity is about 10-5 when we measure in-plane Si 220 diffraction. Use of x-ray diffraction could be the best standard metrology method for determining strain in thin layers. Furthermore, we have demonstrated that incident/exit angle selected in-plane diffraction is very useful for height/depth selective strain determination. © 2010 IOP Publishing Ltd.

A crystalline phase identification method, a crystalline phase identification device, and a crystalline phase identification program which can conduct qualitative analysis with higher precision are provided. The crystalline phase identification method for identifying crystalline phases contained in a sample by powder diffraction pattern of the sample with use of database includes: a whole pattern fitting step of subjecting a first diffraction pattern which is the powder diffraction pattern to whole pattern fitting with the use of crystalline phase information contained in the sample to calculate a theoretical diffraction pattern of the crystalline phase(s) already identified; a residual information generating step of generating residual information on the sample on the basis of a difference between the theoretical diffraction pattern and the first diffraction pattern; and a residual information search and matching step of comparing the residual information with the database to select a new crystalline phase contained in the sample.

An X-ray data processing apparatus for processing X-ray data that is obtained by simultaneously measuring X-rays of multiple wavelengths. The apparatus includes a management unit

Rigaku Corporation | Date: 2015-01-29

An image processing method and an image processing apparatus which remove the effects of cosmic rays, noise and defective pixels without losing data in a specified time and which can correct image data efficiently and with high accuracy are provided. An image processing method of performing correction processing on an abnormal value of X-ray image data is provided which includes the steps of: (S

There are provided an image processing apparatus, an image processing method and an image processing program which can easily and accurately specify and analyze an abnormal part of a subject. An image processing apparatus

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