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Riga, Latvia

Riga Technical University is the oldest technical university in the Baltics established on October 14, 1862. is located in Riga, Latvia. Wikipedia.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: IA | Phase: LCE-08-2014 | Award Amount: 15.41M | Year: 2015

RealValue aims to demonstrate how local small-scale energy storage, optimised with advanced ICT, could bring benefits to market participants throughout the EU. Smart Electric Thermal Storage (SETS) will be deployed in physical demonstration trials in 1250 homes in Germany, Latvia and Ireland but the analysis will also consider other storage technologies and energy vectors, including integration with district heating and micro-generation. SETS is a direct replacement for existing electric thermal storage heaters and water tanks with a combined load of 55GW across the EU. It can also replace direct electric resistance heaters with further connected load of 93GW. To validate the physical demonstrations at large scale RealValue will use modelling & virtual simulation to demonstrate the technical and commercial potential in millions of homes across representative EU regions. Thorough research studies are an integral part of RealValue and will include techno-economic and behavioural analysis that will be used to inform EU regulation and policy decision makers. RealValue will develop business models which quantify the potential of small-scale storage as an aggregated controllable load. It will provide system services or release value through price arbitrage within existing energy market structures, and highlight any barriers associated with integration into the electricity grid. The RealValue consortium is a truly cohesive partnership which has full participation and commitment from the whole energy supply chain. The consortium includes: technology developers (Glen Dimplex, Intel); energy system modelling specialists (UCD, DIW, RTU); energy market specialists (VTT); socio-economic experts (Oxford University); electricity network operators (ESBN, EirGrid) and energy utilities (MVV, SSE). RealValue is designed to accelerate innovation and develop business models necessary for small-scale storage, allowing it to form an integral part of the future EU energy landscape.

Age-related, diet-related and protein conformational diseases, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, cancer, hypercholesterolemia, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases are common in the elderly population. The potential of chitosan, chitooligosaccharides and their derivatives in prevention and treatment of age-related dysfunctions is reviewed and discussed in this paper. The influence of oxidative stress, low density lipoprotein oxidation, increase of tissue stiffness, protein conformational changes, aging-associated chronic inflammation and their pathobiological significance have been considered. The chitosan-based functional food also has been reviewed. © 2015 by the authors; licensee MDPI.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: CSA | Phase: LCE-20-2014 | Award Amount: 4.30M | Year: 2015

Following the EC SET-Plan Education and Training Roadmap, the concept of this proposal is to develop a joint PhD programme between universities and research centres, on the topic of Thermal Energy Storage (TES). The goal of INPATH-TES is to create a network of universities and research institutes to implement a joint PhD programme on TES technologies. The final result of such a network is to educate professionals on these technologies for the European research and industry institutions. The consortium includes 14 universities that will implement the joint PhD programme, two research institutions (AIT and PROMES-CNRS), three companies and two SME (Arcelik, Abengoa Solar NT, KIC InnoEnergy, UFP and LAIF), that will cooperate in defining the programme and in its implementation and deployment. The specific objectives of the project will lead to the qualification of professionals for the European research and industry institutions, bringing Europe to continue being leaders in these technologies. The partners in the proposal will be the core of a future larger network of excellent R&D institutions, and industries for co-funding and industrial placement, sharing infrastructure capacities, and enhancing mobility of students. The overall approach of the project involves a work plan divided in six work packages, being either coordination or support activities. Coordination activities: WP1 Management and coordination; WP3 Developing, maintaining and updating a PhD programme in TES; and WP4 Implementation of the PhD programme in TES. Support activities: WP2 External communication and dissemination; WP5 Stakeholder involvement and extension of partnerships; and WP6 Framework for monitoring and evaluation of INPATH-TES as well as IPR and regulatory issues.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: CSA | Phase: COMPET-11-2014 | Award Amount: 2.19M | Year: 2015

National Contact Points (NCPs) for Space provide support on Space funding under EU Framework programmes. In 2007 under FP7 the EU started funding an NCP Space network which was named COSMOS. This enabled the NCPs to benefit from each others experience and thus raise the level of the overall quality of their services. Additional services were established like a joint website and news service providing information about Space and EU Framework Programme related topics. Furthermore they organised international information days in support of the European Commission with emphasis on bringing potential project partners together. Last but not least they implemented a country independent helpdesk for EU framework Space research related questions. While the project partners are core of the network the full group comprises the other Space NCPs from EU member states and Associated Countries as well as Space contact points in international partner countries, mainly from Space faring nations. Within COSMOS2020 the network activities are continued under Horizon 2020. Capacity building, information services, project partner search support and more activities will once again reinforce the cooperation of the NCPs and raise the overall quality level of services. This is even more important since their role as only official support entity was decided for Horizon 2020.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: CSA | Phase: DRS-08-2014 | Award Amount: 2.00M | Year: 2015

SEREN3 is a 36-month Coordination and Support Action with the overall aim of facilitating trans-national co-operation among NCPs for Secure Societies, identifying and sharing good practices, and raising the general standard of the support to programme applicants across the EU, Associated and Third countries. To reach the objective above, the project will develop three main activity axes, corresponding to the projects specific objectives: 1) capacity building of NCPs; 2) strengthening the participation of relevant stakeholders to Horizon 2020 funding opportunities; 3) and supporting networking opportunities within the Secure Societies constituency. Cross-cutting activities of dissemination and communication will addup to this main set of activities, helping to enhance their impact. SEREN3 is the continuation and evolution of the precedent network, SEREN2, whose results and lessons learnt have been taken into consideration with the logic of improving the future network and in order to valorize the networks strengths. SEREN3 will also take into account the paradigmatic change brought by Horizon 2020. This will be reflected in particular in a stronger attention of the network in terms of multidisciplinary competences, consideration of related societal challenges, and linkage with other EU relevant initiatives, funding programmes and policies. Finally, the network will seek further opening to a wider target of stakeholders and businesses in the Secure Societies field. SEREN3 consortium comprises 17 beneficiaries, with a good mix of well-experienced and less experienced NCPs, and representing Member States, Associated Countries and Third Countries. Besides beneficiaries, the project services will be offered to all officially appointed H2020 Secure Societies NCPs, who will be involved as associated partners.

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