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An angle detecting device, generating phase information for indicating phases corresponding to rotational positions of a rotor of a motor, comprises an intersection detecting unit, configured to detect timing at which paired sensor signals intersect with each other, and to detect points of intersection; an intersection level detecting unit configured to detect intersection levels that are amplitude levels of the sensor signals, based on the timing at which the respective pairs of the sensor signals intersect with each other; an intersection level adjusting unit configured to adjust the detected intersection levels of the sensor signals to a certain amplitude level, and to output a successively selected one of the adjusted sensor signals as an intersection level adjustment signal; and a phase information detecting unit configured to generate detection results indicative of whether the intersection level adjustment signal is greater than respective threshold levels corresponding to the phases, thereby generating the phase information responsive to the detection results.

Ricoh Company | Date: 2016-06-01

A sheet post-processing apparatus includes: a sheet stack tray; a rear-end-position regulating member, against which a rear end of the sheet on the tray is butted to align a position of the sheet in a sheet conveying direction to the stack tray, the rear end of the sheet being a rear end in the conveying direction; and a roller member that comes in contact with an upper surface of the sheet conveyed to an upper side of the tray, before the sheet is stacked on a stacking surface on the tray, and conveys the sheet stacked on the stacking surface toward the rear-end-position regulating member, wherein a rotation speed before stacking is set to be smaller than a rotation speed after stacking, and the rotation speed of before stacking is greater than zero.

An image processing device includes circuitry to acquire image data of an image to be formed by a recording unit employing an inkjet method, calculate, based on the image data, ink thickness per pixel that indicates a thickness of ink to be discharged to form the image, set the maximum ink thickness per pixel of the entire image as a target thickness of the image, calculate, for each pixel, the difference between the target thickness and the ink thickness per pixel, create complementary data regulating thickness compensating the difference, and create print data including the image data and the complementary data.

Ricoh Company | Date: 2016-06-07

A liquid discharge apparatus includes a liquid discharge head, a dummy discharge controller, and a storage device. The liquid discharge head includes a plurality of nozzles to discharge liquid, onto a continuous medium. The dummy discharge controller is configured to control the liquid discharge head to discharge dummy discharge droplets linearly in an inter-page area of the continuous medium. The storage device is configured to retain a plurality of dummy discharge patterns that differs from each other in number of droplets continuously discharged in at least one direction of a feed direction of the continuous medium and a direction perpendicular to the feed direction.

Disclosed is a dispersing agent to be used for dispersing metal particles, comprising a structural unit originating from a compound represented by a general formula of wherein R_(1 )is a hydrogen atom or a methyl group, R_(2 )is a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group with a carbon number equal to or greater than 1 and equal to or less than 9, a phenyl group, a bicyclopentenyl group, or a nonylphenyl group, x is 2 or 3, and n is equal to or greater than 1, and a structural unit that has an ionic group, wherein a number average molecular weight of the compound represented by general formula (I) is equal to or less than 10000.

An ink for aqueous inkjet recording contains: water; a hydrosoluble organic solvent; a pigment; and polycarbonate-based urethane resin particles, wherein the pigment contains a geminalbis phosphonic acid group and/or a geminalbis phosphonate group.

An electrochromic apparatus including a first support (101), a first electrode (102), a first transparent conductive layer (103), an electrochromic layer (104), a second support (108), a second electrode (107), a second transparent conductive layer (106), and an electrolyte layer (105) is provided. The first support (101) and second support (108) have first and second surfaces, respectively, on each of which multiple grooves are formed. The second surface is facing the first surface. The first electrode (102) and second electrode (107) are disposed at the multiple grooves of the first support (101) and second support (108), respectively. The first transparent conductive layer (103) and second transparent conductive layer (106) are in contact with the first and second surfaces, respectively. The electrochromic layer (104) is in contact with the first transparent conductive layer (103). The electrolyte layer (105) is between the electrochromic layer (104) and the second transparent conductive layer (106).

Ricoh Company | Date: 2016-10-12

A relay apparatus includes a characteristic information storage unit, a first dictionary information storage unit, a first selection unit, and a first conversion unit. The characteristic information storage unit stores pieces of terminal information in association with respective pieces of characteristic information, each indicating a characteristic of a user. The first dictionary information storage unit stores the pieces of characteristic information in association with respective pieces of first dictionary information used for converting voice data into text data. The first selection unit selects, when voice data is received from a second communication terminal to communicate with a first communication terminal, the characteristic information associated with the terminal information for identifying the second communication terminal and selects the first dictionary information associated with the selected characteristic information. The first conversion unit converts the voice data received from the second communication terminal to text data using the first dictionary information.

Ricoh Company | Date: 2016-06-03

A multimode fundus camera enables three-dimensional and/or spectral/polarization imaging of the interior of the eye to assist in improved diagnosis. In one aspect, the multimode fundus camera includes a first imaging subsystem, a filter module, and a second imaging subsystem. The first imaging subsystem is positionable in front of an eye to form an optical image of an interior of the eye. The filter module is positioned at a pupil plane of the first imaging subsystem or at a conjugate thereof. The second imaging subsystem include a microimaging array and a sensor array. The microimaging array is positioned at the image plane or a conjugate thereof, and the sensor array is positioned at the pupil plane or a conjugate thereof.

Ricoh Company | Date: 2016-09-14

An imaging apparatus comprises a plurality of imaging elements, an exposure time and a sensitivity value, a memory that stores correction information used to correct the exposure time and the sensitivity value, a correction circuit that corrects, when the exposure time corresponds to the predetermined exposure time, the exposure time and the sensitivity value according to the correction information to generate a corrected exposure time and a corrected sensitivity value, a setting circuit that sets setting values to control each imaging element, a control circuit that controls, when the exposure time calculated by the calculation circuit does not correspond to the predetermined exposure time, simultaneous exposure of each imaging element by using the setting value, and an image generating circuit that generates separate images acquired by each of the imaging elements.

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