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Aubervilliers, France

Disclosed are novel tri-substituted aromatic-alkoxylated monomers, polymers made with the novel tri-substituted aromatic-alkoxylated monomers, pH responsive polymers made with the novel tri-substituted aromatic-alkoxylated monomers, and related methods. Also disclosed is an aqueous coating composition including at least one latex polymer derived from at least one monomer copolymerized or blended with alkali swellable acrylate copolymer. Also provided is a method of preparing an aqueous coating composition such as a latex paint including the above components.

The present invention relates to the use of polyamide of high melt flow in the form of particles having a specific median diameter D50 in the manufacture of impregnated cloths used in the manufacture of composite materials. The field of the invention is that of composite materials and their processes of manufacture.

Thermal and/or acoustic insulation materials based on dried precipitated silica, having a total pore volume of from 1 to 5 cm3/g and optionally containing reinforcing fillers and/or opacifying agents, are prepared by:

An inhibitor composition contains dicyandiamide as a nitrification inhibitor, alkyl thiophosphoric triamide as a urease inhibitor, or a combination thereof, dissolved in a liquid medium comprising an organic solvent selected from, among others, one or more polar aprotic solvents, including one or more organophosphates, amine solvents, heterocyclic alcohol solvents, and mixtures thereof, is useful in making fertilizer compositions and in a method of fertilizing target plants.

Disclosed are ethylenically unsaturated salts of allyl (poly)ether sulfates utilized as reactive surfactants (emulsifiers) during emulsion polymerization.

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