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Founded in Australia, ResMed is a global manufacturer of products for the treatment of sleep disorders, particularly obstructive sleep apnea . ResMed employs more than 4300 employees worldwide, it operates in 100 countries and has manufacturing in Australia, France, Singapore and the United States. In the fiscal year 2013/2014 it achieved revenues of US$ 1.5 billion.ResMed considers the OSA market as underpenetrated and joined a partnership with LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company in 2009 to increase awareness of OSA amongst type 2 diabetes patients. ResMed also raises awareness of the serious comorbidities linked to untreated sleep disorders which includes cardiovascular disease, stroke and obesity. Wikipedia.

A mask assembly includes a mask with an inflatable bladder. The internal pressure of the inflatable bladder can be set to be higher than the delivered therapeutic pressure. The pressure offset may be constant, or it may vary over the range of therapeutic pressures. Thus, the force necessary to maintain a contact seal between the mask and the patient can be reduced, thereby providing a system that is more comfortable to the patient, which increases patient compliance.

ResMed | Date: 2015-07-08

A mask to administer breathable gas to a user may include a body structure having a connection opening to connect to a line device to deliver the breathable gas; a sealing lip device to seal against the users face, the sealing lip device joined to the body structure, and the sealing lip device having an upper bridge portion structured to cross the bridge of the users nose in use, a pair of side portions structured to be positioned along corresponding side surfaces of the users nose in use, and a lower bridge portion structured to cross the users upper lip or chin region in use; and a pair of beadlike gel cushions, each positioned in a corresponding one of the side portions.

ResMed | Date: 2015-07-02

A CPAP device for delivering pressurized, humidified breathable gas for a patient includes a flow generator configured to pressurize a flow of breathable gas. The flow generator includes an air outlet and a removable water container configured to humidify the pressurized breathable gas received from the flow generator. The water container includes an air inlet and an air outlet. The CPAP device further includes a first elastomeric face seal configured to sealingly abut against a substantially flat portion of the water container surrounding the water container air inlet, the first elastomeric face seal being located at an intermediate position between the flow generator air outlet and the water container air inlet when the water container is placed into position to pneumatically communicate with the flow generator. In addition, the CPAP device includes a second elastomeric face seal, a portion of which is configured to sealingly abut against a substantially flat external surface portion of the water container surrounding the water container air outlet.

A servoventilator control slowly changes the target ventilation over a period of time, according to a preprogrammed schedule adapted to be set by the physician. Preferably, the target ventilation stays constant at an initial target ventilation for an initial hold time, and then increases at a constant rate until it reaches a final target ventilation, whereupon it stays constant thereafter. If the pressure support level is too high, possibly indicating glottic or upper airway closure, the rate of increase of target ventilation may be lowered or the final target ventilation not reached.

ResMed | Date: 2015-10-19

A respiratory mask assembly for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a frame and a headgear assembly removably attachable to the frame. The headgear assembly includes a pair of side portions and a rear portion that interconnects the pair of side portions. The pair of side portions includes at least one strap. The rear portion has at least one strap constructed of at least two layers of material. One of the layers of material has a more rigid construction than the other of the layers of material to resist compression of the at least one strap of the rear portion in a first direction which resists movement of the at least one strap of the pair of side straps in the first direction.

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