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RESEARCH IN MOTION Ltd | Date: 2013-02-15

A distribution list identifies a plurality of recipient addresses for electronic messages. Normal updates to the distribution list can be performed via update commands from an authorized address that is stored in association with the distribution list as authorized to update the distribution list. When a removal command is received from a specific recipient address, which is not authorized to update the distribution list, the specific address can be removed from the distribution list. When an addition command is received from the specific address, a new address can be added to the distribution list. Before sending an outbound electronic message, the distribution list is resolved to the current set of recipient addresses.

RESEARCH IN MOTION Ltd | Date: 2013-03-28

An electric shielding enclosure that encloses a volume. The electric shielding enclosure includes a conductive structure that partially encloses the volume and that has an edge defining an opening into the volume. A conductive power pack surface is configured to fill at least a part of the opening and has a number of conductive connections. The conductive connections include a first conductive connection located in proximity to a first point of the edge, and a second conductive connection located in proximity to a second point of the edge, where the second point is across the opening from the first point. Each of the conductive connections within the conductive connections is electrically coupled to the conductive structure.

RESEARCH IN MOTION Ltd | Date: 2013-04-02

Data is communicated between a network node and a user equipment in a first frame according to a first uplink-downlink configuration. In response to a configuration change that causes a second frame following the first frame to be according to a second, different uplink-downlink configuration, an acknowledgement indication for the data is sent in the second frame.

Research In Motion Ltd | Date: 2013-04-01

In some implementations, a method includes compensating for timing misalignment of subframes associated with at least one of first user equipment (UE) or a second UE. The first UE and the second UE are in an inter-device session (IDS) for direct UE-to-UE communication, and timing for the first UE and a timing for the second UE is derived from an eNode B (eNB).

Systems and methods of performing ASK or QAM modulation with uneven distance between symbols are provided. These are used to provide differing BER performances among bits sent from a transmitter to a receiver.

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