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Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia is a malignant disease characterised by proliferation and accumulation of mature B lymphocytes in bone marrow, blood, lymph nodes, and spleen. As part of its process of differentiation, immunoglobulin molecules of B cells, in addition to the characteristic rearrangements in their heavy and light chains, present a set of somatic mutations that greatly increase their diversity. The presence or absence of somatic mutations in the variable regions of the immunoglobulin gene in the malignant B-cells defines the aggressivenessand prognosis of the disease in individuals with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. © 2016 Sociedad Mexicana de Oncologia. Source

Gallegos-Arreola M.P.,Laboratorios Of Genetica Molecular | Valencia-Rodriguez L.E.,Research Center Biomedica Of Occidente | Puebla-Perez A.M.,Laboratorio Of Inmunofarmacologia | Figuera L.E.,Centro Medico Nacional Of Occidente Cmno | Zuniga-Gonzalez G.M.,Laboratorios Of Mutagenesis
Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation | Year: 2012

Background/Aim: The TP53 tumor suppressor gene encodes the nuclear phosphoprotein p53, which plays an important role in cell cycle regulation, apoptosis, DNA repair and angiogenesis. The TP53 gene contains common genetic polymorphisms that influence gene activity. Clinical implications of TP53 polymorphisms have been reported for several diseases, including a variety of solid tumors and endometriosis. We evaluated the association of a TP53 duplication polymorphism with endometriosis. Methods: We evaluated the role of the TP53 16-bp duplication polymorphism by comparing the genotypes of 204 healthy women (controls with surgically excluded endometriosis) to the genotypes of 151 women with endometriosis in the Mexican population. Results: The observed genotype frequencies for controls and endometriosis patients were 0.5 and 5% for 16 bp+/+, 11 and 21% for 16 bp+/-, and 88.5 and 77% for 16 bp-/-, respectively. The odds ratio (OR) was 9.8 (95% CI 1.2-446.8; p = 0.01). The association was more evident when we compared the distribution of genotype 16 bp+/+ to genotype 16 bp+/-. In patients with moderate/severe endometriosis, the OR was 4.0 (95% CI 1.6-9.8; p = 0.003). Conclusion: Our data suggest that the 16-bp duplication polymorphism in TP53 contributes significantly to endometriosis susceptibility in the Mexican population. Copyright © 2012 S. Karger AG, Basel. Source

Gonzalez-Burgos I.,Research Center Biomedica Of Occidente
Neural plasticity | Year: 2012

Some selective estrogen receptor modulators, such as raloxifene and tamoxifen, are neuroprotective and reduce brain inflammation in several experimental models of neurodegeneration. In addition, raloxifene and tamoxifen counteract cognitive deficits caused by gonadal hormone deprivation in male rats. In this study, we have explored whether raloxifene and tamoxifen may regulate the number and geometry of dendritic spines in CA1 pyramidal neurons of the rat hippocampus. Young adult male rats were injected with raloxifene (1 mg/kg), tamoxifen (1 mg/kg), or vehicle and killed 24 h after the injection. Animals treated with raloxifene or tamoxifen showed an increased numerical density of dendritic spines in CA1 pyramidal neurons compared to animals treated with vehicle. Raloxifene and tamoxifen had also specific effects in the morphology of spines. These findings suggest that raloxifene and tamoxifen may influence the processing of information by hippocampal pyramidal neurons by affecting the number and shape of dendritic spines. Source

Zermeno-Rivera J.,Servicio Of Cirugia Reconstructiva Del Instituto Jalisciense Of Cirugia Reconstructiva Dr Jose Guerrerosantos | Gutierrez-Amavizca B.E.,Research Center Biomedica Of Occidente
Indian Journal of Surgery | Year: 2015

Brachial plexus avulsion results from excessive stretching and can occur secondary to motor vehicle accidents, mainly in motorcyclists. In a 28-year-old man with panavulsive brachial plexus palsy, we describe an alternative technique to repair brachial plexus avulsion and to stabilize and preserve shoulder function by transferring the contralateral spinal accessory nerve to the suprascapular nerve. We observed positive clinical and electromyographic results in sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, pectoralis, triceps, and biceps, with good outcome and prognosis for shoulder function at 12 months after surgery. This technique provides a unique opportunity for patients suffering from severe brachial plexus injuries and lacking enough donor nerves to obtain shoulder stability and mobility while avoiding bone fusion and preserving functionality of the contralateral shoulder with favorable postoperative outcomes. © 2013, Association of Surgeons of India. Source

Padilla-Camberos E.,Research Center istencia En Tecnologia seno Del Estado Of Jalisco | Zaitseva G.,CUCBA | Padilla C.,University of Guadalajara | Puebla A.M.,Research Center Biomedica Of Occidente
Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention | Year: 2010

Epidemiological studies link increased garlic (Allium sativum) consumption with a reduced incidence of cancer in various human populations. Experimental carcinogenesis studies in animal models and in cell culture systems indicate that several allium-derived compounds exhibit inhibitory effects and that the underlying mechanisms may involve apoptosis. To provide a better understanding of the effects of allium derivatives regarding prevention of cancer, we examined antitumoral activity of allicin, a major component of garlic, in L5178Y lymphoma bearing mice. For in vitro studies, we utilized cell proliferation and apoptosis in the same tumor cell line. We found that allicin inhibited the growth of tumor cells at doses two fold superior to that in normal splenocytes. Allicin also induced apoptosis, and this was associated with an increase in caspase3 activity. Source

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