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Hamburg, Germany

Senvion SE is a German wind turbine company founded in 2001, which was subsequently acquired in December 2009 by Suzlon Energy Ltd. Its product range comprises several types of turbines with rated outputs of between 1.5 and 6.15 megawatts. It created the 5M, in 2005.REpower's 1.5-megawatt MD 70/77 range of turbines is one of the most successful turbines in its class. In 2002 Senvion launched its 2-megawatt MM 70/82/92 range, currently in series production. Wikipedia.

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An arrangement of components (

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A rotor blade (

A composite structure for a pile foundation for anchoring a tower structure (e.g., an offshore wind turbine) in ground, which includes a hollow pile introduced into the ground at an erection site of the tower structure and a corner post which is connected to the tower structure and which, on a connection side, is arranged within the pile. The pile and the corner post are fixedly bonded to one another in a bonding region by a cured bonding material. At least one bonding means for transmitting shear forces is fixedly arranged on the pile and/or on the corner post in the bonding region. The bonding means has at least one aperture which is filled with the bonding material or, together with the corner post or pile, forms the aperture that is filled with the bonding material. The aperture encloses the bonding material by an angular range of 90 or more.

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A method for determining an energy yield loss of a first wind turbine (

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A harmonic predictor for a wind farm comprising at least two wind turbines, each having a generator with a converter for generating electrical energy. The harmonic predictor determines the harmonic component expected from the wind farm in order to limit the harmonic component to a harmonic limit. The harmonic predictor comprises a calculation module, an iteration module and a summing module. The calculation module calculates a complex mean value over at least one period of the harmonic component of one of the wind turbines and determines a first equivalent vector therefrom. The iteration module successively connects the calculation module to at least one other of the wind turbines to form at least one second equivalent vector. The summing module sums the equivalent vectors to form a total vector and compares the total vector with the harmonic limit.

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