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Boulder City, CO, United States
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Turner T.,REO Inc. | Turchette Q.,REO Inc.
Photonics Spectra | Year: 2013

A number of optical components critically affect diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers operating and output characteristics, and their specifications must therefore be properly understood and managed. The first is the laser gain crystal, which usually has antireflection coatings on its end faces. These are dichroic mirrors that pass the pump light and reflect the laser fundamental. It is important to realize that the process technology used to produce the optics can have a dramatic impact on the loss performance. Although the major mechanisms of loss in optics including scatter, absorption, unwanted reflectance of some components and unwanted transmittance of others, are determined by design. Another important element to laser efficiency is the pump-through efficiency, which is equal to the pump-wavelength transmittance of the pump-through mirrors. One key to achieving the desired loss performance to maintain high overall efficiency is the choice of thin-film process technology used to produce the vario us mirror and antireflection coatings.

Moshier T.L.,REO Inc.
Photonics Spectra | Year: 2010

Primary customers are manufacturers of defense and aerospace systems, laser systems, semiconductor tools, medical systems, life sciences instrumentation and telecom equipment. As is typical in this industry, REO is a privately held company; however, we manage our business and reporting in a public company manner, applying discipline and complete adherence to accounting principles. REO also has focused on developing strategic supplier agreements that increase income and establish partnerships with recognized industry-leading companies. Our customer base consists of OEMs and major manufacturing companies, so simply supplying a product that performs as specified at a competitive price is not enough. Another way for companies that start out as component producers to expand revenue is to move up the value chain by supplying more complex products, assemblies and engineering services.

Turner T.,REO Inc.
Photonics Spectra | Year: 2012

Precision optics virtually always carry a specification for surface shape, or maximum wave front distortion on transmission. Typically, shape is specified as power and irregularity. This is the acceptable departure from the desired radius of curvature and flat or spherical shape. Most super polishing techniques modify this method by submerging the entire spindle/lap assembly in the polishing fluid. Making super polished optics requires the ability to quantify surface roughness or its consequences, and this requires a different set of tools than is traditionally used for optical surface metrology. One common technique for examining uncoated super polished substrates is optical profilometry. An optical profilometer looks similar to a conventional optical microscope with a halogen light source. Internally, it uses interference between the surface under test and an extremely flat internal reference surface to create fringes that are a direct indicator of the profile of the test surface.

Turner T.,REO Inc.
Photonics Spectra | Year: 2011

Trey Turner, REO Inc., shares his views on the need to gather relevant information from a vendor regarding laser damage before buying laser optics. Laser optics purchasers need to know the primary causes of damage and the steps that fabricators take to minimize them. They need to interact with potential vendors to understand what questions to ask when qualifying a supplier. It is essential to know that damage is a problem in every wavelength regime in which lasers operate. The damage mechanisms of lasers operating in the visible and near-visible spectra are different from those of lasers operating in the far-infrared and deep-ultraviolet. It is also useful to categorize lasers according to their temporal characteristics, such as ultrafast, nanosecond, and continuous wave. The primary cause of damage in ultrafast optics is related to instantaneous field strength rather than to total pulse energy.

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