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Red Deer, Canada

Radian E.,Red Deer College | Neiman A.,University of Western Ontario | Neiman R.,University of Miami
Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health | Year: 2011

This exploratory descriptive research attempts to determine current preferences and understandings of terms used to refer to persons with a mental illness. From September 2005 to January 2006, 760 surveys were completed across Canada at mental health conferences and meetings, via provincial and national mental health websites, and during college classes. Respondents were asked to indicate whether they were a mental health service provider, an individual with mental illness, a friend or family member, or someone not in the three categories mentioned. Quantitative and qualitative data were collected. Analyses of the data indicate that respondents show an aversion to labels, and a majority of respondents prefer to use the term individual or the person's name. Source

Powers S.,Red Deer College | Gerlach R.,University of Sydney | Stamey J.,Baylor University
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis | Year: 2010

Variable selection for Poisson regression when the response variable is potentially underreported is considered. A logistic regression model is used to model the latent underreporting probabilities. An efficient MCMC sampling scheme is designed, incorporating uncertainty about which explanatory variables affect the dependent variable and which affect the underreporting probabilities. Validation data is required in order to identify and estimate all parameters. A simulation study illustrates favorable results both in terms of variable selection and parameter estimation. Finally, the procedure is applied to a real data example concerning deaths from cervical cancer. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

Sakals M.E.,British Columbia Ministry of forests | Wilford D.J.,British Columbia Ministry of forests | Wellwood D.W.,Raven Ecological Services | MacDougall S.A.,Red Deer College
Geomorphology | Year: 2010

Active geomorphic fans experience debris flows, debris floods and/or floods (hydrogeomorphic processes) that can be hazards to humans. Grizzly bears (Ursus arctos) can also be a hazard to humans. This paper presents the results of a cross-disciplinary study that analyzed both hydrogeomorphic and grizzly bear hazards to wilderness campers on geomorphic fans along a popular hiking trail in Kluane National Park and Reserve in southwestern Yukon Territory, Canada. Based on the results, a method is proposed to reduce the risks to campers associated with camping on fans. The method includes both landscape and site scales and is based on easily understood and readily available information regarding weather, vegetation, stream bank conditions, and bear ecology and behaviour. Educating wilderness campers and providing a method of decision-making to reduce risk supports Parks Canada's public safety program; a program based on the principle of user self-sufficiency. Reducing grizzly bear-human conflicts complements the efforts of Parks Canada to ensure a healthy grizzly bear population. Crown Copyright © 2009. Source

Konishi M.,University of Tokyo | Konishi M.,Red Deer College | Donner T.J.,University of Alberta | Scarpella E.,University of Alberta | Yanagisawa S.,University of Tokyo
Journal of Experimental Botany | Year: 2015

MONOPTEROS (MP) is an auxin-responsive transcription factor that is required for primary root formation and vascular development, whereas Dof5.8 is a Dof-class transcription factor whose gene is expressed in embryos as well as the pre- and procambial cells in the leaf primordium in Arabidopsis thaliana. In this study, it is shown that MP directly activates the Dof5.8 promoter. Although no apparent phenotype of the single dof5.8 mutants was found, phenotypic analysis with the mp dof5.8 double mutants revealed that mutations within Dof5.8 enhanced the phenotype of a weak allele of mp, with an increase in the penetrance of the 'rootless' phenotype and a reduction in the number of cotyledons. Furthermore, interestingly, although mp mutants showed reduced vascular pattern complexity in cotyledons, the mp dof5.8 double mutants displayed both more simplex and more complex vascular patterns in individual cotyledons. These results imply that the product of Dof5.8 whose expression is regulated by MP at least in part might be involved in multiple processes controlled by MP. © The Author 2014. Source

Odat O.,University of Alberta | Gardiner J.,University of Alberta | Sawchuk M.G.,University of Alberta | Verna C.,University of Alberta | And 3 more authors.
Genesis | Year: 2014

Patterning of numerous features of plants depends on transduction of the auxin signal. Auxin signaling is mediated by several pathways, the best understood of which relies on the function of the MONOPTEROS (MP) gene. Seven mp mutant alleles have been described in the widely used Columbia background of Arabidopsis: two extensively characterized and five only partially characterized. One of these five mp alleles appears to be extinct and thus unavailable for analysis. We show that two of the four remaining, partially characterized mp alleles reported to be in the Columbia background are in fact not in this background. We extend characterization of the remaining two Columbia alleles of mp, and we identify and characterize four new alleles of mp in the Columbia background, among which the first low-expression allele of mp and the strongest Columbia allele of mp. These genetic resources provide the research community with new experimental opportunities for insight into the function of MP-dependent auxin signaling in plant development. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Source

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