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Midview City, Singapore

Raptor Inc. | Date: 2013-10-07

Apparatus, systems, and methods are described for closing the base of a left atrial appendage or other tissue structure. A tissue closure device comprises a pair of legs having compliant surfaces for engaging against opposite sides of the tissue structure. A plurality of axially spaced-apart tissue-penetrating fasteners are delivered from one leg to the other to pierce the intervening tissue and hold the closure device in place on the tissue structure.

Raptor Inc. | Date: 2010-08-03

A hybrid routing-application network fabric apparatus is presented where a fabric apparatus has multiple apparatus components or resources that can be dedicated to one or more application topologies. The apparatus can receive a topology image definition file describing an application topology and the apparatus can dedicate its local components for use with the application topology. The apparatus can dedicate general purpose processing cores, dedicated routing cores, data channels, networking ports, memory or other local resources to the application topology. Contemplated application topologies include routing topologies, computation topologies, database topologies, storage topologies, or other types of application topologies. Furthermore, application topologies can be optimized by modeling or simulating the topologies on a network fabric.

Systems and methods associated with distributing an applications network interface over nodes of a networking fabric are presented. Nodes of the fabric can operate as interface modules, each taking on a role or responsibility for a portion of the applications network address including IP address, port assignments, or other portions of the network address. Interface modules of the networking nodes can then spoof or cloak the application to provide security against internal or external threats.

Provided herein are methods of administering 4-methylpyrazole (4-MP), or physiologically acceptable salts thereof, to subjects of genetic subpopulations expressing specific polymorphisms of the alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase genes. Also provided herein are methods to prevent or ameliorate ethanol intolerance, reduce or ameliorate symptoms associated with acetaldehyde accumulation accompanying ethanol consumption, or reduce the risk of diseases or disorders caused by consumption of ethanol, comprising administering 4-MP, or physiologically acceptable salts thereof, to subjects of these subpopulations.

This invention provides conjugates of therapeutic or active agents with melanotransferrin or with other ligands of a melanotransferrin receptor, melanotransferrin receptor modulators, and related compositions and methods for modulating blood-brain barrier transport by providing methods of screening and selecting such conjugates, ligands, and modulators in vitro and in vivo, and methods of use of such conjugates, modulators and ligands in diagnosis and the treatment of diseases, including particularly diseases of the central nervous system or lysosomal storage diseases.

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