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Los Altos, CA, United States

Rambus Incorporated, founded in 1990, is an American technology licensing company known for developing RDRAM. The company is also well known for its intellectual property-based litigation following the introduction of DDR-SDRAM memory, leading some to label the company as a patent troll. Wikipedia.

Vogelsang T.,Rambus
Proceedings of the Annual International Symposium on Microarchitecture, MICRO | Year: 2010

Energy consumption has become a major constraint on the capabilities of computer systems. In large systems the energy consumed by Dynamic Random Access Memories (DRAM) is a significant part of the total energy consumption. It is possible to calculate the energy consumption of currently available DRAMs from their datasheets, but datasheets don't allow extrapolation to future DRAM technologies and don't show how other changes like increasing bandwidth requirements change DRAM energy consumption. This paper first presents a flexible DRAM power model which uses a description of DRAM architecture, technology and operation to calculate power usage and verifies it against datasheet values. Then the model is used together with assumptions about the DRAM roadmap to extrapolate DRAM energy consumption to future DRAM generations. Using this model we evaluate some of the proposed DRAM power reduction schemes. © 2010 IEEE.

This Letter presents the analysis of a new class of diffractive optical element, the odd-symmetry phase grating, which creates wavelength- and depth-robust features in its near-field diffraction pattern. © 2013 Optical Society of America.

Rambus | Date: 2015-04-02

A sensing device projects near-field spatial modulations onto a closely spaced photodetector array. Due to physical properties of the grating, the point-spread response distributes spatial modulations over a relatively large area on the array. The spatial modulations are captured by the array, and photographs and other image information can be extracted from the resultant data. An image-change detector incorporating such a sensing device uses very little power because only a small number of active pixels are required to cover a visual field.

Rambus | Date: 2015-06-26

A memory controller having a data receiver to sample data at a sample timing using a strobe signal, wherein the data and the strobe signal are sent by a memory device in connection with a read operation initiated by the memory controller, and a strobe receiver to receive the strobe signal, wherein a phase of the strobe signal has a drift relative to a reference by an amount. The memory controller further having a monitoring circuit to monitor the strobe signal and determine the amount of the drift, and an adjustment circuit to update the sample timing of the data receiver based on the amount of drift determined by the monitoring signal.

A memory controller includes a differential receiver circuitry to receive a differential data strobe signal pair and to generate a first data strobe signal based on the differential data strobe signal pair. The differential data strobe signal pair comprises a first signal and a second signal. The memory controller also includes a single ended receiver circuitry to receive the first signal of the differential data strobe signal pair and to generate a second data strobe signal based on the first signal of the differential data strobe signal pair. The memory controller further includes circuitry to generate a gating signal for gating the first data strobe signal, the circuitry generating the gating signal based on the second data strobe signal.

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