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Rakuten Inc. | Date: 2014-10-17

An image creation device includes an acquisition unit that acquires an image to be processed, a region information acquisition unit that acquires region information specifying an object region where an object to be processed is shown in the image to be processed, a setting unit that sets a fixed control point, a vibration control point and a vibration direction based on a shape of the object region by referring to a storage unit storing a shape of the object in association with a fixed control point, a vibration control point and a vibration direction when the object vibrates, a creation unit that creates a video to be displayed with the object vibrating in accordance with the fixed control point, the vibration control point and the vibration direction, and an output unit that outputs the image to be processed where the video is superimposed.

To provide an information processing device capable of ensuring not to execute processing not intended by a user in a case of stopping an ongoing operation after selecting an object (for example, in selecting again an object other than the object already selected, or the like). In a case where one of a users designated position is included in a determination area based on the position of one of the plurality of objects displayed in a screen, an object moving unit moves the one object based on the one designated position. In a case where the object moving unit moves first and second objects, a collision determination unit determines whether or not the first and second objects have collided. A processing executing unit executes processing relevant to the first and second objects based on a result of determination by the collision determination unit.

To determine candidates for product purchase in electronic commerce more easily when a user purchases an attracting product through electronic commerce, the server (

Rakuten Inc. | Date: 2015-06-05

When an item indicated in received order details is a designated item, an information system outputs consideration information generated based on condition information so that a purchaser can confirm the consideration information. When receiving a confirmation notification indicating that the purchaser has confirmed that he/she has understood the consideration information, the information system updates a confirmation state to a completed state. The information system outputs the confirmation state so that whether a process for finalizing the sale of the designated item is ready can be determined.

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