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A computing device includes a housing and a display assembly having a screen. The housing at least partially circumvents the screen so that the screen is viewable and a set of touch sensors are provided with the display assembly. A processor is provided within the housing to detect a presence of one or more extraneous objects on a surface of the screen of the display assembly. The processor further adjusts one or more setting of the computing device in response to detecting the presence of the one or more extraneous objects.

The information processing system according to one embodiment includes a specifying unit and an extraction unit. The specifying unit specifies a content word co-occurring with onomatopoeia in one review among a plurality of posted reviews stored in a storage unit. The extraction unit extracts a posted sentence containing the content word from the plurality of posted reviews. In general, posted sentences or posted reviews containing onomatopoeia are likely to include users actual experiences. By extracting the posted sentences that contain the content word which is likely to co-occur with onomatopoeia, it is possible to effectively extract the posted sentences on which users actual experiences are written.

A maximum subset sum of an array is quickly acquired with parallel processing by a program. Provided is an information processing device configured to: acquire blocks, each of the blocks containing a series of a predetermined number of elements and being a part of an array; generate a total sum block, a maximum block, a first maximum block, and a last maximum block for a plurality of sub-blocks obtained by dividing each of the blocks; iteratively execute processing of calculating, for a new sub-block obtained by combining the plurality of sub-blocks, a new total sum block, a new maximum block, a new first maximum block, and anewlast maximum block with predetermined processor instructions for operating, in bulk, values of a plurality of sub-blocks stored in a register; determine, after the processing is executed a predetermined number of times, a total sum of element values, a maximum value of subset sums, a maximum value of subset sums summed from a first element, and a maximum value of subset sums summed to a last element for each of the blocks; and calculate the maximum value of subset sums in the array based on the determined values.

To appropriately and simply conduct an acceptance-or-rejection judgment whether a new algorithm is capable of minimum search performance that can be used in a comparison test under an actual environment or not regarding a version upgrade of a search engine. Under a preliminary environment, test searches with a current algorithm and a new algorithm are performed. Based on evaluation values related to rankings of the searches calculated based on these results, a first evaluation value for the current algorithm and a second evaluation value for the new algorithm are acquired. A control is performed to present relative evaluation information of the new algorithm with respect to the current algorithm based on these first evaluation value and second evaluation value. The evaluation values related to the rankings are calculated based on relevance corresponding information. In the relevance corresponding information, a relevance score is made to correspond to a test query of a test content data item for each set of the test query and the test content data item related to this test query.

Labor of photographing images of an object can be reduced in a case where the images of the object viewed from a viewpoint moving along with an orbit are displayed. Image obtaining means (50) of a display control system obtains a plurality of image data pieces generated by photographing an object from a plurality of photographing positions that are different from one another in photographing directions. Information obtaining means (52) obtains photograph information relating to the photographing positions of the respective image data pieces in a three-dimensional space based on the image data pieces. Image selecting means (56) selects some of the image data pieces based on the photograph information of the respective image data pieces and orbit information relating to an orbit of a viewpoint that moves while changing a viewing direction in the three-dimensional space. Display control means (57) displays, on display means, the image data pieces selected by the image selecting means (56) in an order according to the orbit.

An electronic apparatus has a touch sensor provided with a first touching zone including at least a second touching zone and a third touching zone, the second and third touching zones being allocated with different functions. The electronic apparatus is controlled to perform a specific function assigned to a specific touching zone that is the second or the third touching zone when there is a first touch input at first through the specific touching zone and continuously perform the specific function even if there is a second touch input that follows the first touch input, through either the second or the third touching zone that is not the specific touching zone, as long as there is a continuous touch input through the first touching zone from the first to the second touch input with no intermission.

A settlement system includes a mobile terminal including a plurality of payment means for performing the payment process, and a reader/writer including an acquisition unit that sequentially inquires to the mobile terminal about each of a plurality of acceptable payment means and accepting a payment with one payment means specified among payment means confirmed to be present by the settlement acquisition unit by using a settlement unit corresponding to the one payment means, the mobile terminal further including a storage means that stores limitation information, and the reader/writer further includes a limitation information acquisition means that acquires the limitation information stored in the storage means, and an electronic money type narrowing down unit that stops inquiries by the acquisition unit when presence of payment means limited by the limitation information acquired by the limitation information acquisition means is confirmed by the acquisition unit.

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To prevent an inconvenience from being generated when a user registers a graphic that the user wants to register. A graphic input device obtains registered graphic data indicating a graphic entered by a user and related information associated with the graphic, calculates similarity between the registered graphic data and one of items of graphic data registered in a dictionary, determines whether the entered graphic and a graphic indicated by the item of graphic data is similar to each other based on the calculated similarity, and, in a case where the entered graphic and the graphic indicated by the item of graphic data is not similar to each other, registers the registered graphic data and the related information in the dictionary in association with each other.

When a page is displayed on the display screen of a client terminal 2, a content display system S identifies, as a target content item, a content item that is in a content display area placed on the page but is not being displayed on the display screen. In response to an operation performed by a visitor of the page, the content display system S estimates a display duration for which the target content item will remain displayed. If the estimated display duration is shorter than a threshold value, the content display system S reduces the content amount of the target content item to an amount that enables the visitor to understand the target content item within the estimated display duration, and causes the target content item whose content amount has been changed to be displayed being embedded in the page on the display screen.

It is an object to improve the legibility of characters shown by a character image part included in a displayed image in which the scaling factor of the character image part is set to be different from the scaling factor of a background image part. An information processing device sets a second scaling factor used to display a character image extracted from an image. The second scaling factor is different from a first scaling factor used to display a background image extracted from the image. The information processing device adjusts at least either the character image changed in display size with the second scaling factor or the background image changed in display size with the first scaling factor, based on the relationship between the display state of the character image changed in display size and the display state of the surrounding area of the character image that has been changed in display size and is overlaid on the background image changed in display size.

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