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Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology is a management and technical institute in the industrial city of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. The institute was founded in September 2000. It is recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education. It is managed by an educational trust known as the Raj Kumar Goel Educational Foundation. Wikipedia.

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Yasir M.,Uttarakhand Technical University | Yasir M.,ITS Pharmacy College | Sara U.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology
International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Year: 2014

Objective: The aim of this research paper was to develop a simple, sensitive, rapid, accurate and economical Ultra Violet spectrophotometric method for the Analysis of Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor.Methods: The study was performed in pH 7.4 phosphate buffer and presence of the drug was analysed using UV spectrophotometer. Various analytical parameters such as linearity, range, precision, accuracy, limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantification (LOQ) were determined according International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines.Results: Absorbance maximum (λmax) of drug in pH 7.4 phosphate buffer were found to be 270.5 nm. Beer’s law was obeyed over the concentration range of 2-20 mg/ml with a correlation coefficient (R2) value of 0.999. % RSD values below 2 at different concentration levels for Intra and inter-day precision indicated that the proposed spectrophotometric method is highly reproducible. LOD and LOQ were 0.401 and 1.22 μg/ml respectively signifying that it can be adopted for routine quality testing.Conclusion: The results of the study demonstrated that the developed method is accurate, precise and reproducible while being simple, cheap and less time consuming and hence can be suitably applied for the analysis of donepezil in pharmaceutical preparations. © 2014 International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. All rights reserved.

Maurya S.K.,The University of Nizwa | Gupta Y.K.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology | Deb D.,Indian Institute of Science
European Physical Journal C | Year: 2017

In the present study we search for a new stellar model with spherically symmetric matter and a charged distribution in a general relativistic framework. The model represents a compact star of embedding class 1. The solutions obtained here are general in nature, having the following two features: first of all, the metric becomes flat and also the expressions for the pressure, energy density, and electric charge become zero in all the cases if we consider the constant A= 0 , which shows that our solutions represent the so-called ‘electromagnetic mass model’ [17], and, secondly, the metric function ν(r) , for the limit n tending to infinity, converts to ν(r)=Cr2+lnB, which is the same as considered by Maurya et al. [11]. We have investigated several physical aspects of the model and find that all the features are acceptable within the requirements of contemporary theoretical studies and observational evidence. © 2017, The Author(s).

Dubey A.M.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology | Kumar A.,Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology | Yadav A.K.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology
Journal of Materials Processing Technology | Year: 2017

The effect of Friction stir welding on microstructure, hardness and wear rate of Al-Cu alloy was measured in this study. Wear tests for cast aluminium alloy joint were conducted on a pin disc machine for different loads of 2–4 kg at constant sliding velocity. The pins were prepared from cast aluminium billets of 4 × 4 mm2 cross-sections worn on En31 steel as counter body. Wear behavior and hardness for welded and unwelded portion were determined for the joint. The highest hardness value occurs in the centre of the welded zone followed by a gradual decrease across the TMAZ and HAZ until reaching the hardness value of the base material. Hardness of each sample was co-related with the friction and wear behavior of cast aluminium alloy of FSW. Microstructure of FSW was also obtained for weld zone (fusion zone) boundary (between weld zone & HAZ), heat affected zone and base metal region. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.

Kumar S.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology | Gankotiya A.K.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology | Dutta K.,National Institute of Technology Hamirpur
ICECT 2011 - 2011 3rd International Conference on Electronics Computer Technology | Year: 2011

E-learning provides the opportunity for student to interact electronically with each other as well as with their teachers. This interaction can be via e-mail or on discussion board or in chat rooms. Though recognizing that the world at large will persist to use language and terminology in different ways, so the term of virtual learning environments (VLE) is used to refer the on-line interactions for a variety of kinds that take place between students and teachers. There are many software systems available that provide VLE systems. This software is in both forms, commercial and open source software (OSS). Moodle is one of the systems that have been increasingly gaining worldwide popularity in e-learning system. This paper is focused on the Moodle Architecture and comparative study of Moodle, thus we discusses comparisons between different virtual learning management systems and presents some authentication plug-in that Moodle supports. The open source learning management, LMS Moodle has been adopted by many people and organizations around the world because it offers a tightly integrated set of tools said to be designed from a social constructive perspective. Moodle has been developed under the general public license and many of its components were developed without a specific design documentation including its security services. © 2011 IEEE.

Gupta S.C.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology
2014 International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development, INDIACom 2014 | Year: 2014

Convergence of information and communication technology (ICT) has met the large demand of voice, data, video and internet. The necessity of high speed network between computer to computer, computer to business houses and industrial users is the current requirement. The high speed network in advanced countries has increased from 40 Gbps to 40 Tbps. Such signals can not be processed electronically due to low signal to noise ratio. Hence, new technology based on optical-optical multiplexing using lasers as transmitters and photo diode as receiver via optical fiber medium has been successfully developed now a days. The signal of 40 Giga bits per second (Gbps) is multiplexed 250 times by wavelength division Mux to produce one stream of 10 Terra bits per second (Tbps) and four such streams can transmit 40 Tbps upto a distance of 5000 km. Such technology is used in metro network, regional and national links. Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is frequently used so that there is no over lapping of wavelength channels. The broadband optical fiber communication is used reliably for high speed networking throughout the world. This paper deals with new trends in broadband optical communication for high speed networking. © 2014 IEEE.

Kumar P.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology
Optics Letters | Year: 2015

The mechanism of a self-generated megagauss magnetic field by an amplitude modulated surface plasma wave (SPW) over a rippled metallic surface is proposed. The amplitude modulated SPW exerts a ponderomotive force on free electrons in the metallic ripple, giving them an oscillatory velocity at the modulation frequency. The oscillatory velocity couples with the electron density in metallic ripple and drives a nonlinear current J NL with ∇ × J NL ≠ 0. This irrotational nonlinear current generates the megagauss magnetic field. © 2015 Optical Society of America.

Kumar P.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology | Kumar M.,Indian Institute of Technology BHU Varanasi | Tripathi V.K.,Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Optics Letters | Year: 2016

A new mechanics of linear mode conversion of terahertz (THz) radiation into THz surface magnetoplasmons on a rippled surface of magnetized n-InSb is proposed. The normally incident THz radiation, polarized in the direction of a ripple wave vector, imparts oscillatory velocity to electrons in the ripple layer. This velocity beats with surface ripple to produce a nonlinear current that resonantly drives the THz surface magnetoplasmons. In the presence of an applied magnetic field, the surface plasmon (SP) mode splits into two modes - an upper mode and a lower mode. The amplitude of the SP for the upper branch mode is higher than that for the lower mode. © 2016 Optical Society of America.

Bhasin L.,Indian Institute of Technology Delhi | Tripathi V.K.,Indian Institute of Technology Delhi | Kumar P.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology
Physics of Plasmas | Year: 2016

Resonant excitation of terahertz (THz) radiation by nonlinear mixing of two lasers in a ripple-free self created plasma channel is investigated. The channel has a transverse static magnetic field and supports a THz X-mode with phase velocity close to the speed of light in vacuum when the frequency of the mode is close to plasma frequency on the channel axis and its value decreases with the intensity of lasers. The THz is resonantly driven by the laser beat wave ponderomotive force. The THz amplitude scales almost three half power of the intensity of lasers as the width of the THz eigen mode shrinks with laser intensity. © 2016 AIP Publishing LLC.

Goel S.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology | Yadav S.,Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College
Proceedings of the 2013 3rd IEEE International Advance Computing Conference, IACC 2013 | Year: 2013

With the magnificent amount of information present on web, it is very important to identify whether the search engine satisfy all the requirements of users by their search results. So, it is necessary to evaluate search engines based on user point of view. Basically evaluation of search engines is a process of determining how well the search engines meet the information need of users. In this paper we present our approach of search engine evaluation which is based upon page level keywords. Page level keywords are the keywords found in individual pages of a website. Page level keyword is an important factor to measure the relevancy of the search engine results. The result set retrieved by search engines are containing a huge number of useless web pages. Users may have to sift through dirt's in order to find gemstones or to rethink his query. So our work can be a basis to provide more relevant search results to the users. Three Search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing are evaluated based on educational queries in accordance with page level keywords. We verify the results with precision measurement using 40 educational queries at cut off 10. © 2013 IEEE.

Bhattacharyya A.,Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology
Current drug delivery | Year: 2013

Amphotericin B (AmB) is a poorly water soluble polyene antifungal antibiotic which is negligibly absorbed from the gastro intestinal tract after oral administration. The objective of this research work was to study the oral bioavailability and stability of a self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) of amphotericin B (AmB). The SEDDS formulation consisted of glyceryl monooleate, tween 80, polyethylene glycol 400 (PEG 400) and propylene glycol and had AmB content of about 8 mg per ml. The stability of the SEDDS formulation was studied in simulated gastric fluid (SGF) and simulated intestinal fluid (SIF) in comparison to pure drug. Oral bioavailability of the SEDDS formulation was studied in rats in comparison to the pure drug. The formulation was filled in two different types of capsule shell, namely HPMC capsule and hard gelatin capsule and stability of the formulation was studied for 3 months. The SEDDS formulation resulted in a mean AUC value of 40.57μg/ml.hr with mean peak plasma concentration of 6.17μg/ml reached after 2 hours after oral administration in rats, whereas concentration of AmB in plasma was not detectable after administration of the pure drug. The formulation filled in hard gelatin capsule shell was physically and chemically stable for more than 3 months under refrigeration (4°C). The study demonstrates that SEDDS approach can be successfully utilized for oral delivery of AmB.

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