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Vishākhapatnam, India

Satish Rama Chowdary P.,Raghu Institute of Technology | Mallikarjuna Prasad A.,UCoE | Mallikarjuna Rao P.,Andhra University
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | Year: 2014

Multi resonant structure is one of the solutions for broadband characteristics in patch antennas. Thick substrate materials with low dielectric constant are also favourable for such characteristics. In this paper, the combination of E and U shaped slots on the patch antenna along with above mentioned substrate material properties is designed, fabricated and analysed. The characteristics of the designed antenna are studied with respect to the reports like reflection coefficient, VSWR plot, and radiation pattern. The proposed antenna exhibited a wide bandwidth of 4GHz. The effect of the material properties and the physical parameters on the broadbanding are also observed. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015. Source

Kiran M.,P.A. College | Reddy D.R.K.,P.A. College | Rao V.U.M.,Andhra University | Bhaskara Rao M.P.V.V.,Raghu Institute of Technology
Astrophysics and Space Science | Year: 2014

In this paper we consider stationary Spherically symmetric kink space–time in the scalar–tensor theory of gravitation proposed by Saez and Ballester (Phys. Lett. A 113:467, 1986) in the presence of perfect fluid distribution. It is shown that spherically symmetric kink space-time does not accommodate perfect fluid distribution in this theory. Hence a vacuum model is obtained which is asymptotically flat. This model corresponds to a one kink metric in this theory. This can be considered as an analogue of usual spherically symmetric Schwarzschild case in this theory. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht Source

Prasad V.,Raghu Institute of Technology | Rao T.S.,Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management | Babu M.S.P.,Andhra University
Soft Computing | Year: 2016

This work is a hybrid architecture design furnished successfully using artificial intelligence techniques, rough data sets theory and machine learning algorithms. The purpose of this work is to bring the spotless and smart approach in identifying the thyroid disease in a human. There are several mechanisms implemented on thyroid data sets which produced astonished outcomes, but the data considered for the thyroid disease diagnoses (TDD) is inconsistent, redundant and consists of missing attribute values as per my literature survey. The proposed work is to construct an expert advisory system of hybrid architecture, which is to determine the optimistic disease growth because of the thyroid gland. A string matching system (SMS) was at the outset developed, which can predict the actual TDD based on the knowledge available. If the SMS fails, an individual approaches using artificial bee colony optimization and particle swarm optimization are developed to achieve the accuracy of results appreciating the measure values as 65 and 93 %, but the results obtained using the above said approaches are calculated using some missed attribute values which are not included in the knowledge likewise left blank and hence the proposed work continues to first generate the missing attribute value in the knowledge by using rough data sets theory and the obtained data (missed attribute values) is given to predict optimistic disease along with its prevention and its curing methods. However, the data generated cannot predict the optimal disease and hence it is proposed to use a machine learning algorithm so that, obtained result is hygienic. The knowledge for implementation of this work is gathered from Intelligent System Laboratory of K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Imam Khomeini Hospital. A questionnaire form is developed for providing an interface for user so they can contribute the data. © 2015, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Source

Chowdary P.S.R.,Raghu Institute of Technology | Prasad A.M.,UCE A | Rao P.M.,Andhra University | Anguera J.,Ramon Llull University
Wireless Personal Communications | Year: 2015

Modern wireless communication systems demand for compact and miniaturised antennas which are capable of operating at multiple frequency bands. Cutting fractals on traditional geometry and using them as antennas for such applications have a wide scope of research. In this work, Sierpinski geometry based patch antenna is considered for multiband operation and miniaturisation of the radiating element. The characteristics of the fractal based antennas are investigated as a function of fractal iteration. The fabricated prototypes are used to validate the simulated results. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media New York. Source

Chakravarthy V.V.S.S.S.,Raghu Institute of Technology | Rao P.M.,Andhra University
2nd International Conference on Electronics and Communication Systems, ICECS 2015 | Year: 2015

Locating nulls in the desired directions and as well as steering main beam towards the direction of interest is the most important part of the beamforming concept. Many evolutionary and metaheuristic algorithms are applied to solve these problems. In this paper a circular array is considered. Novel flower pollination algorithm is applied to position nulls with and without beam steering conditions and compared with those obtained using genetic algorithm. © 2015 IEEE. Source

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