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Lund, Sweden

A method for forming wires, including providing catalytic seed particles suspended in a gas, providing gaseous precursors that comprise constituents of the wires to be formed and growing the wires from the catalytic seed particles. The wires may be grown in a temperature range between 425 and 525 C and may have a pure zincblende structure. The wires may be III-V semiconductor nanowires having a Group V terminated surface and a <111>B crystal growth direction.

Qunano Ab | Date: 2013-07-05

A radial nanowire Esaki diode device includes a semiconductor core of a first conductivity type and a semiconductor shell of a second conductivity type different from the first conductivity type. The device may be a TFET or a solar cell.

QuNano AB | Date: 2014-06-10

A resonant tunneling diode, and other one dimensional electronic, photonic structures, and electromechanical MEMS devices, are formed as a heterostructure in a nanowhisker by forming length segments of the whisker with different materials having different band gaps.

The present invention relates to providing layers of different thickness on vertical and horizontal surfaces (

A device includes at least one nanoscale capillary and means for applying an electric voltage, said means being adapted to create an electric field at least in said capillary when said electric voltage is applied, so that, when said electric voltage is applied, a charged molecule or particle placed within the created electric field can be electrically controlled. A fluidic network structure includes the at least one nanoscale capillary. A method of using and manufacturing the fluidic network structure is also described.

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