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Martins A.G.L.A.,Federal University of Maranhão | Nascimento A.R.,Federal University of Maranhão | Filho J.E.M.,Federal University of Maranhão | Filho N.E.M.,Federal University of Maranhão | And 3 more authors.
Ciencia Rural | Year: 2010

Considering the increase of the involvement of vegetables in the transmission of microorganism including the enteropathogenic Escherichia coli multiresistance to conventional drugs, the search for new antimicrobial compounds from natural sources, such as the essential oils, has been intensified in the last years. This research aimed to evaluate the antibacterial activity of the essential oil from basil (Ocimum basilicum Linn.) front to sorogroups of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) isolated in lettuces (Lactuca sativa) using the Diffusion in Disk Method. The results showed that, all the tested strains of E. coli EPEC presentedsensitivity to the essential oil's action, suggesting that it can be a source of compounds with therapeutic potential in the fighting to bacteria pathogenic.

The quality of raw water of Otun River that supplies the water treatment plant has fluctuations in short periods of time. Thus a tool is required to make quick decisions to modify the coagulant dose used in treatment, based in a measurable and precise criterion as zeta potential (ζ). In this study was determined that the range of values of ζ [-2.28 mV - 1.2 mV] of coagulated water, lower values of settled water turbidity and color are obtained. It was observed that is possible to achieve a better performance of flocculation and settling processes measuring ζ of coagulated water as an indicator of particle's destabilization. ζ presents a positive correlation with coagulant dose, therefore modifying coagulant dosage is possible to obtain ζ close to zero.

Nunes M.A.G.,Federal University of Santa Maria | Kunz A.,Quimico Industrial | Steinmetz R.L.R.,Quimico Industrial | Paniz J.N.G.,Federal University of Santa Maria
Engenharia Agricola | Year: 2011

This study evaluated the effect of swine manure dilution with treated effluent up to 50% volumetric ratio of each part, intending to increase the denitrification by carbon feeding to the process. In studied dilution, the range of NO3--N content in the mixture was 47,9 + 14,5 mg L-1 and COD close to 17543 + 675 mg L-1, resulting in favorable denitrification activity on equalization tank due to relation COD/N-NO3- upper to 360. The NO3--N concentration was biologically reduced to 0.5 mg L-1 (around 1% of initial concentration). An improvement in solid-liquid separation efficiency using natural and synthetic organic polymers was also reached in the diluted effluent when compared to the undiluted manure.

Todescatto C.,Federal Technological University of Paraná | Coloneti L.,Federal Technological University of Paraná | Beux S.,Federal Technological University of Paraná | Da Cunha A.M.A.,Quimico Industrial
Boletim Centro de Pesquisa de Processamento de Alimentos | Year: 2013

The present work aimed to elaborate cheeses analogous to Boursin cheese. Two cheese formulations were developed one with cow milk ("A" cheese) and one with the mixture of goat and cow milk ("B" cheese). Products were characterized regarding centesimal composition, microbiological quality and sensory acceptance. Formulations were categorized as high moisture content cheese, being "A" considered fat cheese and "B" semi-fat cheese. Both cheese formulations presented fat content lower to the observed in standard Boursin cheese. Protein, moisture and mineral contents were higher in cheese "B". Both cheese formulations attained good sensory acceptance rate and the results of the purchase intention test showed that 76% of the consumers would buy the product formulated with cow milk and 78% would buy the cheese formulated with the mixture of goat and cow milks. The results showed that the elaboration of cheese analogue to Boursin produced from the mixture of goat and cow milk, as well as using only cow milk, could be an option for the diversifi cation of cheese production at small size dairies, since the production process is simple and accessible.

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