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Irvine, CA, United States

Quantum Corporation | Date: 2015-09-28

What is disclosed is a method of operating a volume access system. The method includes processing at least a first file to generate a file system view of the first file comprising a plurality of items within the first file, and providing the file system view of the first file over a network interface as a hierarchical data volume. The method also includes receiving an access request for a requested item of the hierarchical data volume over the network interface, and in response, providing access to a first item of the plurality of items within the first file corresponding to the requested item.

Quantum Corporation | Date: 2015-03-13

The present invention is directed toward methods and systems for data de-duplication. More particularly, in various embodiments, the present invention provides systems and methods for data de-duplication that may utilize a vectoring method for data de-duplication wherein a stream of data is divided into data sets or blocks. For each block, a code, such as a hash or cyclic redundancy code may be calculated and stored. The first block of the set may be written normally and its address and hash can be stored and noted. Subsequent block hashes may be compared with previously written block hashes.

Quantum Corporation | Date: 2014-08-08

Example apparatus and methods selectively replicate some erasure codes associated with a message and selectively distribute, without replicating, other erasure codes associated with the message. The message may have k symbols and n erasure codes may have been generated for the message, n>=k. In one embodiment, erasure codes that store plaintext information from the message (e.g., un-encoded symbols) may be replicated (e.g., sent to all devices using erasure codes associated with the message) while erasure codes that do not store plaintext information may be distributed (e.g., selectively moved to less than all devices) without being replicated. Some (e.g., less than k) erasure codes that do not store plaintext information may be stored unencrypted in the cloud. The generator matrix will not be stored in the cloud.

In one embodiment, a read channel comprises: a preprocessor for receiving a first signal and producing a second signal from the first signal using current values of a positive coefficient, a zero coefficient, and a negative coefficient; an interpolator for producing a third signal based on the second signal; and a slicer for producing a fourth signal from the third signal by estimating a level for the third signal. The fourth signal is at one of three levels consisting of a positive level, a zero level, and a negative level. For every n first signals received by the preprocessor, the current value of one of the positive coefficient, the zero coefficient, and the negative coefficient is adjusted depending on which of the three levels the fourth signal is at.

Quantum Corporation | Date: 2015-10-05

Embodiments disclosed herein provide magnetic media access heads with metal coatings. In a particular embodiment, a magnetic media head for accessing magnetic media comprises a base substrate configured to support a magnetic head layer. The magnetic head layer is formed on the base substrate and configured to magnetically access the magnetic media. A metallic layer formed over the magnetic head layer and disposed between the magnetic head layer and the magnetic media when the magnetic media is positioned for access by the magnetic head layer.

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