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Wang X.,Harbin Engineering UniversityHeilongjiang | Wang X.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Zuo C.,Harbin Engineering UniversityHeilongjiang | Zuo C.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | And 5 more authors.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds | Year: 2017

Sandwich-like, hetero-structured vanadium pentoxide/carbon nanotubes are prepared by incorporating modified carbon nanotubes (CNTs) into layered V2O5 sheets via a simple hydrothermal method. The CNTs ensure fast and smooth electron transfer between V2O5 sheets, leading to higher electrochemical performance compared with V2O5 sheets and bulk V2O5. As a result, the specific capacitance of the V2O5/CNTs complex reaches a value of 553.33 F g−1. The composite also exhibits good cycling stability and maintains 83% of original capacitance over 1000 cycles at 10 mA cm−2. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.

Miao F.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Miao R.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Tao B.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Jin Z.,Mudanjiang Medical CollegeHeilongjiang | And 6 more authors.
Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications | Year: 2017

Vertically-oriented few-layer graphene supported by silicon microchannel plates annealed at different temperatures are used in dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). The structure, morphology, and electrochemical characteristics are determined by AFM, SEM, XPS, cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and photocurrent density-voltage curves. The graphene/Si-MCP fabricated by electrochemical exfoliation delivers enhanced power conversion efficiency in DSSC and the materials annealed under ambient conditions at 300 °C show the best results due to the smaller oxygen concentration in graphene and larger electrical conductance. Owing to the microelectronics-compatible fabrication process and excellent properties of the device, the counter electrode has large potential in high-performance silicon-based monolithic DSSCs. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.

Yan X.,Southwest University of Science and Technology | Yan X.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Zhang Y.,Southwest University of Science and Technology | Luo X.,Southwest University of Science and Technology | Yu L.,Fisheries Environmental Monitoring Station
Radioprotection | Year: 2016

We conducted an experiment to investigate the effects of uranium (U) on soil microbial biomass carbon (MBC), enzymes, plant biomass and microbial diversity in yellow soils under three concentrations: 0 mg kg-1 (T1, control), 30 mg kg-1 (T2) and 60 mg kg-1 (T3). Under each treatment, elevated U did not reduce soil MBC or plant biomass, but inhibited the activity of the soil enzymes urease (UR), dehydrogenase (DH) and phosphatase (PHO). The microbial diversity was different, with eight dominant phyla in T1 and six in T2 and T3. Furthermore, Proteobacteria and material X were both detected in each treatment site (T1, T2 and T3). Pseudomonas sp. was the dominant strain, followed by Acidiphilium sp. This initial study provided valuable data for further research toward a better understanding of U contamination in yellow soils in China. © EDP Sciences 2016.

Wang X.,Harbin Engineering UniversityHeilongjiang | Wang X.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Jia L.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Liu Q.,Harbin Engineering UniversityHeilongjiang | And 4 more authors.
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects | Year: 2016

3D flower-like Co3O4/Polypyrrole (PPy) nanosheet networks are directly grown onto Ni foam involving the solution-based method and in-situ oxidative polymerization of pyrrole for supercapacitor electrode materials. The as-prepared electrode takes advantage of the exceptional architecture of Co3O4 and high electronic conductivity of PPy. Electrochemical measurements show that the areal capacitance of 3D Co3O4/PPy electrode is 6.81 F cm−2 at 5 mA cm−2 in 6 mol L−1 KOH aqueous solution. The capacitance is 95% of original capacitance after 1000 cycles at 20 mA cm−2. With superior electrochemical characteristics and the ease of large scale fabrication, the 3D flower-like Co3O4/Polypyrrole nanosheet networks provide promising electrode material for supercapacitor applications. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.

Miao F.,Uppsala University | Miao F.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Majee S.,Uppsala University | Song M.,Uppsala University | And 3 more authors.
Synthetic Metals | Year: 2016

In this study, we report on a facile method of inkjet printing of graphene nano-platelets (GNPs). The GNPs are exfoliated from graphite by means of an electrochemical process in an inorganic salt based electrolyte. The electrochemically exfoliated GNPs with oxygen-bearing functional groups exhibit spectroscopic features similar to those of reduced graphene oxides. As a result, ink formulation with such GNPs for inkjet printing readily accomplishes without using stabilizer and various conductive objects are easily fabricated on different substrates by inkjet printing. The as-printed films of the electrochemically exfoliated GNPs deliver an electrical conductivity of 44 S/m, a typical value for as-printed pristine GNP films in the literature. A simple thermal treatment results in an improved DC conductivity by two orders of magnitude to ∼2.5 × 103 S/m. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.

Miao F.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Lu X.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Tao B.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Li R.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Chu P.K.,City University of Hong Kong
Microelectronic Engineering | Year: 2016

A nanostructured platform composed of ZnO nanowires supported by silicon nanowires (ZnO/SiNWs) is utilized to immobilize glucose oxidase on a glucose enzymatic biosensor. The SiNWs arrays are fabricated by a simple metal-catalyzed solution method under normal conditions and ZnO nanowires about 650 nm long are produced on the wall of the silicon nanowires by aqueous thermal decomposition. The large specific surface area, abundant microspace, small channels, and high isoelectric point (IEP) fracture of ZnO enable effective fluid circulation and good biocompatibility boding well for immobilization of enzymes. The nanocomposite materials show good electrocatalytic activity exhibiting strong and sensitive response to glucose even in the presence of high concentrations of interfering species besides excellent long-term stability and reproducibility. © 2015 Elsevier B.V.

Miao F.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Miao F.,CAS Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics | Tao B.,CAS Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics | Tao B.,Qiqihar UniversityHeilongjiang | Chu P.K.,City University of Hong Kong
Materials Research Bulletin | Year: 2015

Bi4-xNdxTi3O12 (BNT) films with different Nd contents (from 0 to 1 with 0.25 intervals) are prepared by the sol-gel process. The Nd substitution effects on the preferred orientation, surface morphology, phonon modes, emission bands, andelectronic band structures of the BNT films are investigated by microscopy, Raman scattering, photoluminescence, and spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) at room temperature. X-ray diffraction indicates that the films are polycrystalline with the pure perovskite phase. Ten Raman active modes and one silicon substrate mode can be observed. The A1 g[Bi] at about 59 cm-1 is unchanged whereas the B1 g and A1 g[Ti] phonon modes shift towards higher frequencies. Photoluminescence shows that the intensities of the two peaks increase with Nd concentration except the Bi3NdTi3O12 film, due to the smallest grain size and oxygen vacancy defects. Good optical functions of the BNT films are achieved due to the SE suggesting potential applications in ferroelectric-based optoelectronic devices. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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