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Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: BSG-SME | Phase: SME-2012-1 | Award Amount: 1.37M | Year: 2013

We all like aesthetical pleasant colors in our every day products: kitchen and bath accessories; domestic appliances; architectural, nautical or automotive fittings; electronics components; jewelry; medical devices. In fact color coatings are present in most everyday products. PVD is one of the most promising coating processes offering brilliant and decorative finishes, superior hardness and wear resistance and lack of environmental concerns. Unfortunately PVD processes lack of reliability and high costs limit the use of PVD technologies to uncolored coatings, expensive components or large series. In Nano4Color we will develop a new strategy for the production of PVD hard decorative coatings based on nanocomposite coatings consisting of a dielectric matrix with imbibed metallic nanoclusters. Nano4color will work with two hybrid technologies; RMS/Cluster Gun and RMS/HIPISM to produce nanocomposite coatings that yield tailored optical properties with a single metal/metal oxide system. Our approach will allow overcoming the last barrier associated to the use of PVD coatings with a single composition color tailored solution resulting in greater freedom for color generation; including green and red tones. In addition we intend to design new industrial coating process, which are more reliable and cost effective. Nano4Color aims at making affordable PVD coatings for the production of everyday appliances while providing an extended color palette, increased wear resistance and lower toxic emissions. Nano4Color is expected to have a big impact on the 18,000 European SMEs working on decorative coatings with an estimated value of 11,350 M. These innovations will benefit the overall surface treatment sector by reducing production costs, increasing commercial margins and addressing industrial legislations. Furthermore these advantages will also benefit the industrial manufacturers who will be able to offer more pleasant products with lower costs and environmental emissions.

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