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Yu J.K.,Northeastern University China | Chen Y.,Northeastern University China | Yan G.H.,Puyang Refractories Group Co.
Materials Research Innovations | Year: 2014

The effect of TiO2 additive on the synthesis of dense forsterite is investigated in the present work. As the intermediate phase formed in the synthesis process, the magnesium titanate plays a very important role in the improvement of the formation and densification of forsterite. Notably, it finally transfers into a high melting point second phase when segregated at a higher sintering temperature. The addition of TiO2 improves the density of forsterite at a low temperature by liquidphase sintering and may reduce or even eliminate the defects of liquid phase-sintering by the segregation of the liquid phase at high temperature. © 2014 W. S. Maney & Son Ltd.

Wang J.,Puyang Refractories Group Co.
Naihuo Cailiao/Refractories | Year: 2013

High alumina based plastic refractories were prepared using bauxite particles and fines, and clay as main starting materials. Influences of three binders including water, saturated aluminium sulfate solution, mixed solution of saturated aluminium sulfate and aluminium dihydrogen phosphate on properties of the refractories were investigated. The results show that; the refractory, with saturated aluminium sulfate solution has the longest shelf life, and that with the mixed solution has the shortest shelf life; the cold compressive strength of the dried refractories bonded with saturated aluminium sulfate solution or the mixed solution is higher than that of the dried refractory with water bonded; the bulk densities and values of refractoriness under load(0.5%, 1%, 2% of deformation) of the three refractories are similar.

Jianzhu W.,Xian University of Architecture and Technology | Junxue Z.,Puyang Refractories Group Co.
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

Samples of Al2O3-C materials were prepared, based on the tabular corundum and recycled materials as raw materials, natural graphite as carbon source, Si as antioxidant and phenolic resin as binder. The physical properties were determined and the microstructure evolution in the samples were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy. The results shows that, Firstly the apparent porosity rate change little and the body density decreases much with the amount of recycled materials increasing. Secondly the room temperature strength and the high temperature strength decreases when the amount of recycled materials increases. Especially the strength of sample decreases rapidly when the amount of recycled materials is over 15(wt)%. In addition, the grain of recycled materials are wrapped up in the face by a powder layer. The body density and the strength of samples decrease because of the apparent porosity. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Lou H.,Puyang Refractories Group Co.
Naihuo Cailiao/Refractories | Year: 2013

An environmental-friendly hot repairing mix for large area of converter was prepared using high purity magnesia, middle grade magnesia, dolomite as main starting materials, high temperature modified asphalt and phenolic resin, etc. as binders, polybasic alcohol as flow aid, adding a little wetting agent. The practical service shows that the repairing mix performs good high temperature fluidity, short hardening time, high strength, long service life(the average service life is over 30 heats), and environmental-friendly.

Puyang Refractories Group Co. | Date: 2010-07-27

Refractory construction materials of metal; refractory castable mixes of metal; refractory shapes of metal; refractory furnace linings of metal; semi-refractory bricks of metal; fired refractory materials of metal; metal tiles; metal hardware, namely, washers; screws of metal; metal shims; metal bolts; screw rings of metal; pegs of metal; cermets; tubes of metal; steel pipes and tubes. Casting machines; continuous metal casting machines; concrete vibrators; mixing machines; hydraulic valve actuators; hydraulic pumps; valves being parts of machines; valves for pumps; pneumatic valve actuators; vehicle pneumatic and hydraulic compressors; pneumatic controls for machines, motors and engines; garbage disposals. [ Lights for vehicles; refractory furnaces; electric stoves; ceramic stoves; toilet bowls; toilet seats; urinals (sanitation fixtures); chimney flues; ceramic plates sold as parts of stoves; tap water faucets ]. [ Insulating materials; insulating refractory materials; non-metal sealing rings for use as connection seals; rings of rubber for use as pipe connection seals; gasket sealer for use in plumbing; joint packing for gas filled pipe; pipe jackets, not of metal for use with graphite pipe; plastic sections for use in the manufacture of spacer frames for use as building materials for heat-insulating applications; synthetic rubber; semi-worked synthetic resins as semi-finished products in form of pellets, rods, foils, foams, fibers, films and sheets; thermoplastic flexible tubes for carrying fluid to a nozzle for water jetting equipment; packaging materials made from stone-based plastic substitutes ]. Stones; non-agricultural lime for use in construction; fireclay; clay ash; fired bricks; gypsum; cement, namely, almina cement, cement mixes, filling cement, hydraulic cement, magnesia cement, portland cement, silica cement (pozzolanic cement); concretes building elements, namely, concrete, concrete walls for building, non-metal casting forms for concrete, refractory concrete, concrete blocks; tiles of not metal, namely, ceramic tiles, fireproof tiles, glass tiles, gypsum tiles, earthenware tile; pitch; building glass; window glass; adhesive mortar for building purposes; ceramic bricks for use in refractory furnaces; ceramic shapes for use in refractory furnaces; fired refractory materials, not of metal; refractory blocks, not of metal; refractory bricks, not of metal; refractory castable mixes, not of metal; refractory concrete; refractory construction materials, not of metal; refractory furnace linings, not of metal; refractory mortars; refractory shapes, not of metal; sculptures of marble or stone; monuments of stone or marble; statues of marble; tombstones of stone, concrete or marble. [ Glass for everyday use, namely, cups, plates, kettles, glass jars; flasks; carafes; ceramic sculptures, vases, vessels, bowls, plates and pots; sculptures of earthenware; jars for jams and jellies of earthenware; ornaments of porcelain (not including Christmas tree ornaments); statuettes of earthenware; tea sets; wash basins (bowls, not parts of sanitary installations); heat-insulated vessels; glass for vehicle windows (unfinished); aquarium hoods ].

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