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Zhongyuan, China

Chen W.-G.,Puguang Branch | Zhang Q.-S.,Puguang Branch | Zhang Q.-S.,Petroleum Engineering Institute of Zhongyuan Oil Field | Liu D.-X.,Puguang Branch | And 4 more authors.
Corrosion and Protection | Year: 2014

Cyclic voitammetry' potentiodynamic polarization curve and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) were used to investigate the corrosion behavior of L360MCS pipeline steel in condensed water of Puguang gas- field. The results showed that the polarization resistance decreased with increasing corrosion time. At the same time' the corrosion current density increased and corrosion potential decreased. EIS indicated that there was no protective corrosion product film formed. The corrosion rate showed a significant difference between the base' HAZ and weld' which would lead to grooving corrosion. Source

Sheng Z.-S.,Puguang Branch | Cao Y.-B.,Puguang Branch | Xie D.-J.,Lanpec Technologies Limited | Yu X.,Lanpec Technologies Limited | And 2 more authors.
Petrochemical Equipment | Year: 2013

The experiments are made to find the corrosion performance of 10 aluminum diffused steel, 08Cr2Al Mo steel, 10 steel, ND steel under acid gas environment of desulfidation of Puguang. Based on the experiments, it can be concluded that the corrosion rate of 10 aluminum diffused steel and 08Cr2Al Mo steel are higher than 10 steel and ND steel. Source

Wang H.,Puguang Branch | Sun G.,Puguang Branch | Li Y.,Puguang Branch | Chen X.,Puguang Branch | Zhang Y.,Down Hole Testing Company
Well Testing | Year: 2011

Acidic gas field contains much of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. When completing the well testing operation, it is not only required that the down hole testing equipment, instruments and matching tools have a high-acid corrosion and tightness, but also requires the surface well testing flow has a reliable performance of anti-hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Through surface testing process optimization, dual processe that is compound, processes of EE and HH, coupled with imports QTI3000 type of blowout gas incinerator for burning, the amendment well testing has been completed successfully, a variety of formation parameters are gained and the geological tasks are completed. Source

Zhang C.,Henan Institute of Engineering | Zhang Q.,Henan Institute of Engineering | Chen W.,Puguang Branch | Liu D.,Puguang Branch | And 5 more authors.
Society of Petroleum Engineers - International Petroleum Technology Conference 2013, IPTC 2013: Challenging Technology and Economic Limits to Meet the Global Energy Demand | Year: 2013

In this work, the corrosion behavior and mechanical degradation of two types of pipe steel, Inconoy 825 and L360, after two years of high sour environments service in Puguang gas-field were studied. Results demonstrated that a fearful elemental sulfur layer deposited on the inner wall of pipeline, pitting corrosion and hydrogen-induced cracking was observed in L360 pipe. In comparison, no pitting corrosion and hydrogen-induced cracking was found in Inconoy 825 steel pipe due to its excellent resistance to corrosion. Furthermore, mechanical properties (yield strength, impact strength, elongation, hardness, fracture toughness) and stress corrosion cracking were investigated. Results showed that the yield strength decreased obviously and the percentage of elongation increased in Inconoy 825 steel but little change in L360. The analysis a change of the mentioned mechanical characteristics together with the results of the diffusion and tapping of hydrogen of them indicated that the properties degradation of Inconoy 825 pipeline steel after long term service was associated with essential role of hydrogen in these processes. The consequences of sudden failures and severe corrosion of metallic material in the high sour gas-field, which associated with their exposure to H2S/CO2 containing gas, led to the preparation of evaluation tests of pipeline. However, passing evaluation tests cannot guarantee the safety in actual work condition unless the field experience had been at least two years. As the first attempt to exploit high sour gas-field in China, it is anticipated that this work of Puguang provides valuable data and an essential insight into the corrosion and degradation of pipeline steel services in high-sour environmental. Copyright © 2013 International Petroleum Technology Conference. Source

Heqin W.,Puguang Branch | Kailiang Z.,Puguang Branch | Shunlin L.,Puguang Branch | Yanli L.,Puguang Branch
Well Testing | Year: 2011

Traditional wireline perforation technology can't meet the need of well control and operation security in sour gas field with high content of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide gas, deep buried layer, high thickness. Tubing conveyed perforation is difficult to make true at once time because of long perforated section. In response to these problems, a set of supporting perforation tech and its auxiliary technologies to meet the production safety of long perforated section in high sulfur gas field are developed, that has been applied in more than30 wells and the success rate is 100%. Source

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