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Singapore, Singapore

This contribution reports on the development and application of FI catalysts for olefin polymerization. Research based on a ligand-oriented catalyst design concept led to the discovery of phenoxy-imine ligated early transition metal catalysts, better known as FI catalysts. FI catalysts exhibit exceptionally high ethylene insertion efficiency (max. TOF 65,000/sec/atm, TON >20,000,000), meaning FI catalysts are the most active of artificial catalysts. Uniquely, FI catalysts are able to synthesize olefin-based materials with precisely controlled structures. Such olefin-based polymers include selective vinyl-terminated PEs, ultra-high molecular weight PEs, and stereo- and regio-irregular poly (higher α-olefin)s. Additionally, FI catalysts produce highly isotactic and syndiotactic PPs and polystyrenes, and polyolefinic block copolymers from ethylene, propylene, and higher α-olefins. Moreover, based on FI catalyst technology, a variety of end-functionalized PEs, PE/polar polymer hybrid materials, and cyclic olefin copolymers with extremely high thermal stability can also be created. Some of these inspiring materials are now beginning to enter the commercial phase.

Dalton D.L.,Pte. Ltd
XXXIII IULTCS Congress | Year: 2015

Zenith introduced a new range of green fungicides at the Leather and the Environment-Sustainability Conference in Hong Kong1. The current paper presents the latest developments for these green fungicide products. Results are presented from studies carried out earlier this year in which in-depth toxicological testing was performed on these fungicides to determine their skin irritation and skin sensitization properties. These studies show that these products are completely non-irritating to the skin and non-sensitizing at all levels. Due to the total absence of skin irritation and skin sensitization these new fungicides, unlike conventional fungicides, can be used in finished and crust leathers with skin-contact applications. Results are also presented of mold resistance studies performed on crust and finished leathers treated with these green fungicides.

Pte. Ltd. | Date: 2014-06-02

A security apparatus includes a mount and a sensor body with a socket recessed into the sensor body at a first angle from a functionality plane. The mount includes a stem and a base adapted to be affixed to a wall. The stem extends from the base at a second angle from horizontal. The functionality plane is set at an angle from horizontal equal to the first angle plus the second angle if the stem is inserted into the socket with the first side of the stem in close proximity to the first wall of the socket, and the functionality plane of the sensor body is set at an angle from horizontal equal to the first angle minus the second angle if the stem is inserted into the socket with the first side of the stem in close proximity to the second wall of the socket.

A splice sleeve having an elliptical or compound curve cross section for connecting overlapping end portions of reinforcing bars utilized in various types of structures in which steel reinforcing bars are utilized and it is desired to connect the overlapping end portions of the reinforcing bars. The splice sleeve is configured to receive the overlapped end portions of the reinforcing bars and then be filled with hardenable material to resist axial tension and compression exerted on the reinforcing bars. In one embodiment, both ends of the sleeve are provided with an inwardly directed lip to increase the splicing capacity of the sleeve and also to serve as a guide to position the rebars to a minimum of about 3 mm from the inside wall surface of the sleeve.

Pte Ltd. | Date: 2014-07-07

A method is directed to visually displaying aggregate social media sentiment data potentially impacting the value of an organization. The organization, which purchases or sells a good, is selected and multiple search terms related to the organization are sent to a sentiment analysis system. Multiple scores are received from the sentiment analysis system. Each score is associated with corresponding ones of the search terms and is indicative of a sentiment level on a first set of one or more social networking services about the corresponding search term. An aggregate sentiment value is calculated based on the scores. The aggregate sentiment value is indicative of an aggregate sentiment about the corresponding search term on the first set of one or more social networking services. A first visual representation is displayed to indicate a relationship between a monitored characteristic of the selected organization and the aggregate sentiment.

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