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Armonk, NY, United States

Production Resource Group | Date: 2015-09-29

A remote-control device which allows remotely controlling parameters of a light via a console. The console actually does the controlling, but the remote-control device enables control of the light parameters by sending the information to the console. For example, the remote can be used to control preset values or to control other aspects of the console. The console may store presets associated with focus, and those presets can be changed from the remote.

Production Resource Group | Date: 2014-04-29

A lamp unit with a relay lens that allows two different focus points. Two different optical altering elements are hence simultaneously in focus. The elements can be taken in and out of focus to allow different effects.

Production Resource Group | Date: 2014-09-28

A luminaire that has multiple removable handles thereon, and can operate in multiple different modes, including a mode where a manual follow spot can occur. To operate in the manual follow spot mode, the luminaire is placed into a free moving mode in which it can be moved, and then the luminaire is moved using the removable handles to manually place the luminaire in a desired location. Then, the luminaire is commanded to remain in that desired location by turning on breaks or the like. In the manual movement mode, movement of the luminaire is manually controlled and not remotely controlled and all of at least color, gobo, beam size and other parameters are remotely controlled.

Production Resource Group | Date: 2015-03-31

A gobo wheel with automatic detection system that automatically detects a rotational position of the gobo. The rotational position can be detected by a magnetic marking system. Each of the gobos can be randomly placed within the holder. The position of the gobos can be automatically determined during a start up routine for example, and then those positions can be stored and used for later determination of a position.

Production Resource Group | Date: 2014-05-12

A truss hinge that allows hinging between truss parts, and also allows configuration into a different size.

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