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Cincinnati, OH, United States

P&G Chemicals is a division within Procter and Gamble that specializes in the production and distribution of oleochemicals throughout the world.With a line of products including glycerine, methyl esters, alcohols, amines, fatty alcohols, and sucrose polyesters such as Sefose and Olean, PGC produces raw materials essential for many commonly used consumer products, and is a global supplier for some of the world’s largest chemical companies. Wikipedia.

Procter and Gamble | Date: 2016-01-13

A method of manufacturing an absorbent sanitary paper product having a machine direction, a cross-machine direction orthogonal and co-planar thereto, and a Z-direction orthogonal to both the machine- and cross-machine directions is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: a. providing a first network of fibers having a first and a second side, each fiber of the first network of fibers having a longitudinal axis generally disposed within the plane comprising the machine- and cross-machine-directions; b. applying a first bonding layer in a first pattern to one of the first and second sides of the first network of fibers; and, c. applying a first second network of fibers to the first bonding layer, the first second network of fibers comprising a combination of a first plurality of fibers and a second plurality of fibers. The first and second pluralities of fibers are different.

Procter and Gamble | Date: 2016-01-06

The present application relates to nil phosphate and nil borate cleaning compositions comprising a protease cleaning system and a wetting agent, and processes for making and using such compositions. Such compositions offer improved enzyme stability in product and a consumer desirable cleaning profile.

Aspects of the methods and apparatuses herein involve applying fluids onto an advancing substrate. The apparatuses and methods herein may provide for the application of viscous fluids, such as adhesives, in pre-determined patterns to an advancing substrate. The fluid application apparatus may include a slot die applicator and a substrate carrier. The slot die applicator may include a slot opening, a first lip, and a second lip, the slot opening located between the first lip and the second lip. And the substrate carrier may be adapted to advance the substrate past the slot die applicator as the slot die applicator discharges adhesive onto the substrate. In operation, when a first surface of the substrate is disposed on the substrate carrier, the substrate carrier advances a second surface of the substrate past the slot opening of the slot die applicator.

A plastic bottle for containing perfume compositions and having improved crazing resistance is disclosed. The plastic bottle comprises PEF

Procter and Gamble | Date: 2015-08-13

Compositions and methods for improving compliance with a two-part oral care regimen may include the use of a first composition with mildly unpleasant organoleptic properties.

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