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Thenmozhi R.,Anna University | Sharmeela C.,Anna University | Natarajan P.,Priyadarshini Engineering College | Velraj R.,Anna University
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience | Year: 2017

In recent years high brightness LED lamps are opening up new opportunities of cost and energy saving towards variety of lighting applications. However they also require LED driver and control circuit compare to gas filled lamps when operating at input AC mains. Thus an efficient driving circuit is essential for its optimal performance. In this paper a remote monitoring and controlling system based wireless sensor network is implemented for LED lighting according to the user's state, which basically controls illumination intensity of a lighting device according to object movement and brightness of surrounding. Then this system can extend communication capability to the existing street lighting system through the ZigBee and this idea will be very useful for subway, industries and household application to effectively reduce the power consumption. © 2017 American Scientific Publishers.

Lawrence P.,Priyadarshini Engineering College | Deepanraj B.,Adhiparasakthi Engineering College
American Journal of Environmental Sciences | Year: 2011

Problem statement: The aim of this research was to investigate the effect of using Prickly poppy methyl ester as a fuel blend on Diesel engine (CI engine) performance and exhaust emission. Approach: Short-term engine performance tests were conducted to evaluate and compare the use of various diesel fuel supplements at blend rations of 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10, in a standard, fully instrumented, four stroke, Direct Injection (DI), Kirlosker comet Diesel engine located at the authors' laboratory. The prickly poppy oil with high free fatty acid is not used as edible oil, it can be considered as a potential source of non edible oil for utilization as a feed stock vegetable oil for bio diesel production. The prickly poppy oil was subjected to esterification and transesterification processes and the Prickly Poppy Methyl Ester (PPME) obtained was tested as supplement. Results: The test showed that PPME blends with diesel could be conveniently used as a diesel substitute in a diesel engine. The test further showed increase in break thermal efficiency, brake power and reduction of specific fuel consumption for PPME and its blends with diesel generally, but the most significant conclusion from the study is that the 80 % Diesel / 20% PPME blend produced maximum values of the brake power, brake thermal efficiency and minimum values of the specific fuel consumption and also yielded minimum values of NOx, CO and HC emission. Conclusion: Using Prickly Poppy Methyl Ester (PPME) as a bio fuel blend with Diesel shows an improvement in performance and significant reduction in exhaust emission for the generation of cleaner environment. © 2010 Science Publications.

Siddiqui N.-J.,Government Science College | Idrees M.,Government Science College | Khati N.T.,Priyadarshini Engineering College
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia | Year: 2013

Starting from 2-acetylbenzofuran derivatives 1a-d, methyl/ethyl 4-substituted/unsubstituted benzofuran-2-yl)-2,4-dioxobutanoate 2a-d and 3a-d have been synthesized by Claisen's condensation reaction with diethyloxalate. The transesterified product, 1,3-diketoester 2a-d on condensation with phenyl hydrazine undergo cyclization to afford the corresponding methyl 5-(substituted/unsubstituted benzofuran-2-yl)-1-phenyl- 1H-pyrazole-3- carboxylate 4a-d, which upon further condensation with hydrazine hydrate yielded 5- (substituted/unsubstituted benzofuran-2-yl)-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazole-3- carbohydrazide 5a-d. The structures of the newly synthesized compounds 2a-d, 3a-d, 4a-d and 5a-d were characterized by their elemental analysis and spectral studies such as IR, 1H NMR, 13C NMR and MS. All the synthesized compounds were screened for their antimicrobial activity. Most of the synthesized compounds showed high sensitivity against the selected bacteria and fungi at various concentrations. © 2013 Chemical Society of Ethiopia.

Siddiqui N.-J.,Government Science College | Idrees M.,Government Science College | Khati N.T.,Priyadarshini Engineering College
South African Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2013

ABSTRACT The synthesis of novel derivatives of pyrazole-3-carboxylate (3-5) from methyl 4-(benzofuran-2-yl)-24-dioxobutanoate (1) is reported. Synthesis of substituted 134-oxadiazoles (7-11) and 5-amino pyrazole-4-carboxylate (12) derivatives starting from the 5-(benzofuran-2-yl)-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazole-3- carbohydrazide (6) are also described. Twelve new compounds were synthesized and their identities have been established on the basis of elemental and spectroscopic analysis such as IR 1H NMR 13C NMR Mass Spectra. The compounds were also screened for their antibacterial and antifungal activities against Gram-positive Gramnegative bacteria and a fungus.

Rajagopal M.,Priyadarshini Engineering College | Velraj R.,Anna University
International Journal of Green Energy | Year: 2016

A phase change material (PCM)-based flat plate modular heat exchanger for free cooling application, suitable for the diurnal temperature variation that prevails during the summer months of Bangalore city, India is designed and experimentally investigated. The flow and other parameters selected in the present study are meant to suit the accelerated charging of the PCM in the modular heat exchanger during the early morning hours, and to provide cool energy to the room during the daytime, by circulating the ambient air through the heat exchanger at a lower velocity. It is observed from the charging experiments that the decrease in the inlet air temperature has more influence in reducing the solidification time than the increase in the inlet air velocity. The heat exchanger designed in the present investigation is capable of maintaining the room temperature around 30°C for a longer duration of 8 hr when the heat load is 0.5 kW. It is suggested to design the modular heat exchanger with a surface area proportionate to the present heat exchanger size when the room heat load increases beyond 0.5 kW, in order to maintain a minimum comfortable temperature of 30°C in the room. © 2016 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Gayathri G.,Priyadarshini Engineering College
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2015

The Pilot structure in LTE is important for channel estimation. Pre defined resource elements in the time and frequency domain are carrying the cell specific reference signal sequence. In this paper we present a robust neural network for channel estimation. Also we modify the pilot scattering pattern for downlink MIMO-OFDM system in LTE based on DVB pilot pattern. With this pilot pattern, no resource block is left empty. Neural network estimates the overall frequency response of the channel by adapting itself for channel variations. Simulation results shows that the proposed neural network based channel estimation along with modified pilot pattern has high performance in terms of Quality and BER Index. © Research India Publications.

Uma S.,Priyadarshini Engineering College | Samreen Farha C.,Priyadarshini Engineering College
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2015

In this paper, a multipath routing protocol is proposed by integrating the CLD and CPS approach with existing AODVM protocol. Multipath routing in MANETS is used to reduce end–to-end delay. Multipath routing algorithm consist of MAODV AND IZM-DSR based on AODV AND DSR. The mobile ad hoc protocols are based on layered architecture. Cross-Layer Design (CLD) based architecture concentrates on power conservation, congestion control and link failure management. Mobile ad hoc networks are self-organized networks. MANET exhibits mobility, and there is a dynamic change in topology.The one of the main metric of the network is to utilize limited battery power. Another system used in MANET is cyber physical system (CPS) to emerge network environment to connect humans and machines. The proposed work is integrating the layered approach with cps system and thereby reducing the link failure problem and improving the network performance by utilizing redundant transmission range in developing a multipath routing protocols. © Research India Publications.

Kumaresan A.S.,Priyadarshini Engineering College
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2015

Heart disease diagnosis leads to wrong treatment and wrong results even by experienced doctors. The patients need to undergo more number of tests which is expensive and time consuming. The objective of this paper is to predict and diagnose the heart disease more precisely and effectively. This paper uses the concept of similarity search in image database to search the matching image of the patient with the available database which contains history of images of old patients. The retrieved image is used for further treatment as per concept of case based reasoning and also based on the heart rate available in the database which helps to diagnosis the heart diseases. © Research India Publications.

Rajagopal M.,Priyadarshini Engineering College | Natarajan P.,Priyadarshini Engineering College
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2015

The rapid economic growth in some of the fastdeveloping nations has stimulated the utilization of sustainable and waste heat energy sources. There are many ways of utilizing renewable fuel and power sources are developing with solar energy and waste heat recovery applications. Many of the process and chemical industries like textile, sugar, cement, paper, etc have large capacity of Diesel Generating (DG) set. The exhaust gas of such a DG set carries lot of heat and it goes waste if it is not utilized properly. There is still a large potential to store and utilize the exit stream energy by the efficient implementation of suitable waste heat recovery system. The major technical constraint, which prevents successful implementation of such a system, is intermittent and time mismatched demand and availability of energy. In the present work, in order to overcome the above constraint an integrated heat recovery heat exchanger with combined thermal storage system is fabricated. The performance characteristics of the heat recovery heat exchanger and the storage tank during charging process are studied in detail. © Research India Publications.

Rajkumar P.,Priyadarshini Engineering College
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2015

The oxidation of pentaamminecobalt (III) complexes of α-hydroxy acids by Perdisulphuric acid(PDS) in micellar medium yielding nearly 100% of carbonyl compounds and 100% Co(II) are ultimate products. In this reaction the rate of oxidation shows first order kinetics each in [Co(III)] and [PDS]. The unbound α-hydroxy acids yield about 100% of carbonyl compounds in presence of micelles. The rate of oxidation of Co(III) complexes of both bound and unbound α-hydroxy acids are enhanced more in the presence of cationic micelle of Cetyl trimethylammonium bromide (CTAB), when compared to the anionic micelle of Sodium laurylsulphate (NaLS) and non-ionic micelle of TRITON-X 100. The 1 mole of cobalt(III) complexes of α-hydroxy acids reacts with nearly 0.5 mole of Perdisulphuric acid, similarly 1 mole of α-hydroxy acids reacts with nearly 1 mole of Perdisulphuric acid. The appropriate methodology has been inducted. © Research India Publications.

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