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Schlieren, Switzerland

Prionics Ag | Date: 2012-12-18

A method for the diagnosis of a tuberculosis infection caused by Mycobacteria belonging to the Mycobacteria tuberculosis complex group (MTC) in an animal including a human being, which comprises in vitro-detection of cell-mediated immune response to OmpAtb and/or antibodies against OmpAtb in a sample taken from that animal.

Novel polynucleotide and amino acids of

Prionics Ag | Date: 2013-07-31

Sampling device for samples containing DNA in particular, with a sample-collecting area provided at the free end of an elongate holding device, wherein the sample-collecting area is designed to be separable from the sampling device.

Method for the detection and classification of PRRSV-infections in swine herds, comprising a) the incubation of tissue samples taken from the animals with at least one antigen capable to bind a neutralizing antibody against the Type I-virus possibly present in the animal and with at least one antigen capable to bind a neutralizing antibody against the Type II-virus possibly present in the animal, b) testing whether a binding of antibodies against the Type I-virus and/or the Type II-virus has taken place and c) determining from the presence of possible epitope-antibody complexes whether an infection of the PRRSV I-Type and/or PRRSV II-Type is present in the herd and diagnostic compositions for such a method.

Prionics AG and The United States Of America | Date: 2012-01-17

Methods are disclosed for detecting prions and/or prion disease-associated forms of prion protein. These methods provide sensitive and specific identification of prions in both biological and environmental samples. These methods include the use of both immunoprecipitation and an amplification assay that uses shaking in the absence of sonication, such as QuIC(SQ) or RT-QuIC(RTQ). In specific non-limiting examples, the methods include the use of monoclonal antibody 15B3 and/or RT-QuIC(RTQ), and/or a substrate replacement step.

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