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Williamsburg, VA, United States

The present application provides improved heat seal dies and methods of use thereof. The heat seal die includes a first heat seal jaw having a first heat sealing surface and a second heat seal jaw having a second heat sealing surface. The second heat seal jaw may have a plurality of channels and a plurality of resilient compressible members with each resilient compressible member being disposed within one of the channels. The plurality of resilient compressible members may form at least a portion of a second heat sealing surface.

Printpack Inc. | Date: 2011-05-26

Flexible sturdy base containers and methods for manufacturing the same are provided. The flexible sturdy base container includes a rigid base element formed of a relatively rigid material. The rigid base element includes a bottom and a perimeter wall having an outward facing surface. The container also includes a flexible wall element formed of a relatively flexible material. The flexible wall element is affixed to the outward facing surface of the perimeter wall of the rigid base element and extends in a direction away from the bottom of the rigid base element. The flexible wall element and the bottom of the rigid base element together form an exterior of the flexible sturdy base container.

Printpack Inc. | Date: 2013-09-23

The present description includes containers having an improved puncture design that can be punctured without substantial deformation of the container. Such containers are particularly suitable for use in preparing beverages using automatic machines, particularly those used for preparation of single serve beverages. Also provided are thermoplastic materials having improved punctureability for use in containers, containers for preparation of a beverage, and methods for preparing a beverage using such containers.

Printpack Inc. | Date: 2014-12-29

Containers and methods for their manufacture are provided. Containers include first and second panels connected at first and second edges, a bottom panel connecting the first and second panels at a third edge, a panel area defined by a seal extending from the first edge and having a first aperture at a first corner of the container, and a pour feature disposed at least partially at a second corner diagonally opposite the first corner, wherein the bottom panel or the first edge comprises a gusset. Methods include forming such container and forming at least one aperture in the panel area.

Printpack Inc. | Date: 2014-10-24

A recloseable package is provided having a tamper-indicating element. The tamper-indicating element include one or more self-terminating shapes that form one or more chads after opening the recloseable package. Advantageously, the self-terminating shapes provide a simple, visual cue of graphical alignment in the seal to show the customer whether or not a package has been opened.

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