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Mercerville, NJ, United States

Princeton Optronics, Inc. | Date: 2013-11-20

Touch screen sensor systems that incorporate VCSELs or VCSEL arrays to provide illumination beams for sensing the position of objects such as a finger or stylus in a two dimensional space is provided. Normally the touch sensor is used with a display screen so that objects in the display screen are identified by positioning a finger or stylus at the objects position. The invention describes improved illumination methods using VCSELs that realize higher resolution in position sensing. VCSELs can also be integrated with detectors on a common substrate which provides both illumination and detection functions for the touch sensor system. Different methods to suitably couple light from VCSEL arrays directly, or through guided light paths such as fibers and waveguide arrays are provided to configure a touch sensor in different applications.

Princeton Optronics, Inc. | Date: 2014-09-07

A process to bond VCSEL arrays to submounts and printed circuit boards is provided. The process is particularly suited to large area thin and ultra-thin VCSEL arrays susceptible to bending and warping. The process integrates a flatness measurement step and applying appropriate combination of pressure prior to bonding the VCSEL array to the submount or a printed circuit using a vacuum flux-less bonding process. The process is very promising in making very good quality bonding between the VCSEL array and a submount or a printed circuit board. The process is applied to construct optical modules with improved flatness that may be integrated with other electronic components in constructing optoelectronic systems.

Princeton Optronics, Inc. | Date: 2014-01-28

VCSEL arrays with planar electrical contacts readily adaptable for surface mounting are provided. Monolithic VCSEL arrays are configured in array patterns on two and three-dimensional surfaces for configuring optical illuminator modules. Illuminator modules are easily expandable by increasing the array size or by modularly arranging more arrays with or without a transparent substrate, in different shapes by tiling array modules monolithically on a common substrate, or by tiling small modules. The surface mountable illuminator modules are easily assembled on a thermally conductive surface that may be air or liquid cooled for efficient heat dissipation. Array modules may be integrated with other electronic circuits such as current drivers, sensors, controllers, processors, etc. on a common platform, for example, a single or multiple layer printed circuit boards (PCB) to assemble illumination systems for different applications including a gesture recognition apparatus and a battery operated portable illuminator devices.

Princeton Optronics, Inc. | Date: 2014-07-25

Optical pump modules comprising VCSEL and VCSEL array devices provide high optical power for configuring fiber optic gain systems such as fiber laser and fiber amplifier particularly suited for high power operation. Pump modules may be constructed using two reflector or three reflector VCSEL devices optionally integrated with microlens arrays and other optical components, to couple high power pump beams to an optical fiber output port, particularly suited to couple light to an inner cladding of a double-clad fiber suitable for a high power gain element. Multiple-pumps may be combined to increase pump power in a modular fashion without significant distortion to signal, particularly for short pulse operation. The pump modules may be operated in CW, QCW and pulse modes to configure fiber lasers and amplifiers using single end, dual end, and regenerative optical pumping modes.

Princeton Optronics, Inc. | Date: 2015-09-09

A structured light source comprising VCSEL arrays is configured in many different ways to project a structured illumination pattern into a region for 3 dimensional imaging and gesture recognition applications. One aspect of the invention describes methods to construct densely and ultra-densely packed VCSEL arrays with to produce high resolution structured illumination pattern. VCSEL arrays configured in many different regular and non-regular arrays together with techniques for producing addressable structured light source are extremely suited for generating structured illumination patterns in a programmed manner to combine steady state and time-dependent detection and imaging for better accuracy. Structured illumination patterns can be generated in customized shapes by incorporating differently shaped current confining apertures in VCSEL devices. Surface mounting capability of densely and ultra-densely packed VCSEL arrays are compatible for constructing compact on-board 3-D imaging and gesture recognition systems.

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