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Al Khubar, Saudi Arabia

Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University is abbreviated by PMU, is a private university in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. It was founded by Prince Muhammad bin Fahd, former governor of the Eastern Province.The University was inaugurated in April 2006 and was formally opened in 8 October 2008 with bachelor's degrees in 17 academic programs with some courses taught in Arabic . It is composed of three colleges: College of Engineering - Civil and Mechanical for males, and Interior Design for females), College of Business and College of Information Technology . Additionally, it offers an Executive EMBA program in conjunction with Maastricht School of Management, As of this date, the affiliation with Maastricht has been terminated by Maastricht.All university buildings were planned for completion in 2008, and the school planned to have a total enrollment of 5,500 by 2012. The university plant was not complete as of the summer of 2009. All administration buildings are on the men's campus and are generally off-limits to the women- faculty, staff and students. There is a small library. The men's side of the library is twice the size of the women's. The design is putatively based on the American model for academic programs and administrative organization, and was developed in conjunction with the non-profit Texas International Education Consortium which organizes experts from the 32 public universities in Texas. Wikipedia.

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Morsy M.M.,Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C | Year: 2016

A low-profile wideband multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) antenna is presented. The proposed antenna is suitable for mobile terminals applications as its measured −10 dB bandwidth ranges from 1.56 GHz to 2.77GHz. The overall antenna efficiency ranges from 68% to 83% over the operating bandwidth. The overall size of the proposed antenna is 60 × 97 × 0.8mm3. A novel isolation structure is employed to achieve isolation range of −26 dB to −16 dB. The radiation patterns are measured, and envelope correlation coefficient is evaluated. The simulated and measured results are in good agreement. © 2016, Electromagnetics Academy. All Rights Reserved.

Sawalhi N.,Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University | Randall R.B.,University of New South Wales
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing | Year: 2014

When carrying out vibration-based diagnosis of gearboxes it is desirable to know the numbers of teeth on all gears, so as to be able to calculate toothmesh frequencies and rotational speeds of all shafts. If the speed varies, this information must be obtained in the form of "shaft orders" related to the input and/or output speed. This paper describes how it was possible to extract most of this information from the vibration signal itself in the case of a wind turbine gearbox with one planetary and two helical parallel stages. Using a spectrogram, a section of signal was first found with minimal speed variation (about 4%) after which the instantaneous speed information was extracted by frequency demodulation of dominant speed related components. After order tracking based on this it was found possible to determine the numbers of teeth in the two parallel stages, using very accurate harmonic cursors applied to each of the shafts of pairs of gears in mesh (with common mesh frequency). This was successful for the two parallel stages, but the proposed estimates of the tooth numbers in the planetary section are subject to some doubt. Allowable combinations are quite restricted using the normally applied rules, but there can be exceptions. Even so, the presented approach is confirmed as a viable method. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd . All rights reserved.

Belhadj-Yahya C.,Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
2010 IEEE International Energy Conference and Exhibition, EnergyCon 2010 | Year: 2010

Performance monitoring of solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems is very essential for initial system evaluation, and continuous output optimization. Currently, PV system monitoring is complicated and expensive and limited to large scale grid connected solar PV plants. This paper surveys PV system monitoring methods and proposes a simple and economic method that can be used by stand alone PV power systems. The method uses reference cells to collect real time data and an electronic subsystem for processing. Experimental results show that reference cells power output correlate well with monitored module output and can be used for monitoring and optimization. © 2010 IEEE.

Benaoum H.B.,Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology | Year: 2013

Motivated by recent measurements which strongly support a nonzero reactor mixing angle θ13, we study a deviation from S3 neutrino discrete symmetry by explicitly breaking the neutrino mass matrix with a general retrocirculant matrix. We show that nonzero θ13 and nonzero CP violation parameter JCP arise due to the difference between y2 and y3. We demonstrate that it is possible to obtain the experimentally favored results for neutrino masses and mixing angles from this mass matrix. Furthermore, we estimate the effective masses m β and mββ and total neutrino mass Σ|mi| predicted by this mass matrix. © 2013 American Physical Society.

Benaoum H.B.,Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
Advances in High Energy Physics | Year: 2012

Modified Chaplygin gas as an exotic fluid has been introduced by H. B. Benaoum (2002). Essential features of the modified Chaplygin gas as a cosmological model are discussed. Observational constraints on the parameters of the model have been included. The relationship between the modified Chaplygin gas and a homogeneous minimally coupled scalar field is reevaluated by constructing its self-interacting potential. In addition, we study the role of the tachyonic field in the modified Chaplygin gas cosmological model and the mapping between scalar field and tachyonic field is also considered. © 2012 H. B. Benaoum.

Tayem N.,Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
Conference Record - Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers | Year: 2012

This paper presents an efficient scheme for a two-dimensional (2-D) direction of arrival angle estimation (DOA) for multiple incident sources in the presence of coherent signals. A new antenna array configuration and innovative signal processing technique are presented. Compared with the well-known classical subspace schemes such as MUSIC and ESPRIT, the proposed method has several advantages. First, the proposed method can accurately estimate 2D DOA using a single snapshot data, whereas existing schemes need multiple snapshots. Second, it does not require forward/backward spatial smoothing of the covariance matrix or 2D iterative searching; however, existing schemes do. These advantages guarantee that the proposed scheme has a lower computational complexity and is more appropriate for high-speed wireless communication applications. The simulation results verify that the proposed method provides a better performance than the well-known ESPRIT method and L-shaped array with less computational complexity. © 2012 IEEE.

Ouda O.K.M.,Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
International Journal of Water Resources Development | Year: 2014

Saudi Arabia is facing a chronic water-shortage problem. Demand far exceeds the sustainable yield of both conventional and non-conventional water resources. The resulting demand-supply gap is being bridged through groundwater depletion. In this paper, demand-supply gaps for the coming 20 years are projected under three scenarios: optimistic, moderate and pessimistic. Future sustainable water yields are calculated and allocated to projected water demand in the domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors. The study shows that Saudi Arabia will not be able to bridge the demand-supply gap in the near future. Intensive water demand management measures are needed in all sectors to minimize future demand-supply gaps, especially focused on the largest water consumer: the agricultural sector. © 2013 Taylor & Francis.

Ouda O.K.M.,Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
International Journal of Water Resources Development | Year: 2014

Saudi Arabia's groundwater resources have been heavily over-exploited to achieve food self-sufficiency. The country enacted a new agricultural policy that discourages the cultivation of wheat and encourages that of vegetables and fruits. This has produced significant reductions in irrigation water demand as well as food self-sufficiency. This paper reviews the performance of the Saudi agricultural sector and presents four scenarios forecasting the new policy's long-term impacts on the use of water for agriculture. The findings show that the new policy does not support sustainable utilization of groundwater resources. Additional policy modifications are needed to optimize the combination of import and domestic production of agricultural products based on a sustainable water utilization strategy. © 2014 Taylor & Francis.

Ashraf M.W.,Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
The Scientific World Journal | Year: 2012

The levels of selected heavy metals in popular cigarette brands sold and/or produced in Saudi Arabia were determined by graphite furnace-atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS). Average concentrations of Cadmium and Lead in different cigarette brands were 1.81 and 2.46gg-1 (dry weight), respectively. The results obtained in this study estimate the average quantity of Cd inhaled from smoking one packet of 20 cigarettes to be in the range of 0.220.78g. Results suggest that the quantity of Pb inhaled of smoking one packet of 20 cigarettes is estimated to be 0.972.64g. The concentrations of Cd and Pb in cigarettes were significantly different between cigarette brands tested. The results of the present study were compared with those of other regional and international studies. © 2012 Muhammad Waqar Ashraf.

Jassim E.I.,Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
Mechanical Sciences | Year: 2015

Spiral coil offers a substantial amount of heat transfer area at a considerably low cost as it does not only have a lower wall resistance but it also achieves a better heat transfer rate in comparison to conventional U-tube arrangement. The general aim of the study is to assess different configurations of spiral coil heat exchangers that can eventually operate in a highly efficient manner. The paper documents the transient behavior of spiral-shaped tubes when the coil is embedded in a rectangular conducting slab. Different arrangements and number of turns per unit length, with fixed volumes, are considered in order to figure out the optimal configuration that maximizes the performance of the heat transfer. The implementation presented in the study is conducted to demonstrate the viability of the use of a large conducting body as supplemental heat storage. The system uses flowing water in the coil and stagnant water in the container. The copper-made coils situated in the center of the slab carries the cold fluid while the container fluid acts as a storage-medium. The water temperature at several depths of the container was measured to ensure uniformity in the temperature distribution of the container medium. Results have shown that the coil orientation, the number of loops, and the Reynolds number, substantially influence the rate of the heat transfer. The vertically-embedded spiral coil has a better performance than the horizontally-embedded spiral coil. Doubling the number of loops is shown to enhance the performance of the coil. Increasing Reynolds Number leads to better coil performance. © Author(s) 2015.

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