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Ichihara, Japan

Prime Polymer Co. and Honda Corporation | Date: 2013-09-17

[Solution] A polypropylene resin composition includes 100 parts by weight of basic components including a polypropylene resin (A) including a propylene polymer, the propylene polymer having a MFR of 10 to 300 g/10 min and containing 98 mol % or more of structural units derived from propylene, an ethylene.-olefin copolymer (B) having an ethylene content of 65 to 90 mol %, and optionally an inorganic filler (E); 0.2 to 1 part by weight of a fatty acid amide (C); and 0.2 to 1 part by weight of a surfactant (D). [Effect] The polypropylene resin compositions of the invention have excellent shaping properties such as injection molding properties and can give shaped articles which exhibit excellent properties such as rigidity and impact resistance and which are effectively prevented from deteriorations in surface properties due to friction with soft substances such as rubbers (namely, have excellent kicking scuff resistance), thus finding suitable applications in automobile interior and exterior parts.

Metallocene compounds of the invention are useful as olefin polymerization catalysts or catalyst components. Olefin polymerization processes of the invention involve an olefin polymerization catalyst containing the metallocene compound. In detail, the olefin polymerization catalysts can catalyze with high polymerization activity the production of olefin polymers having high melt tension, excellent mechanical strength and good particle properties, and the olefin polymerization processes involve the catalysts. Ethylene polymers according to the invention are obtained by the polymerization processes and have higher processability and easy-opening properties and particularly excellent mechanical strength compared to conventional ethylene polymers. Thermoplastic resin compositions of the invention contain the ethylene polymers. In more detail, shaped articles or films are obtained from the ethylene polymers or the thermoplastic resin compositions containing the ethylene polymers, and laminate films include the films. According to the invention, a single or plural kinds of bridged metallocene compounds having differing cyclopentadienyl-derived groups afford macromonomers that are a source of long-chain branches and simultaneously catalyze the repolymerization of the macromonomers into olefin polymers having a large number of long-chain branches, small neck-in in the T-die extrusion, small take-up surge and superior mechanical strength. The olefin polymerization catalysts and the polymerization processes can efficiently produce the olefin polymers.

Prime Polymer Co. | Date: 2013-10-23

[Problem] To provide polypropylene for a microporous film having excellent heat resistance and strength. [Solution] Polypropylene for a microporous film satisfying the following requirements (1) and (2): (1) the weight-average molecular weight (Mw) value, as determined by gel permeation chromatography (GPC), is not less than 100,000 but less than 800,000, the value (Mw/Mn) obtained by dividing the weight-average molecular weight by the number-average molecular weight is more than 7.0 but not more than 12.0, and the value (Mz/Mw) obtained by dividing the Z-average molecular weight by the weight-average molecular weight is not less than 3.8 but not more than 9.0, and (2) the mesopentad fraction, as measured by

Prime Polymer Co. | Date: 2010-09-08

A carbon fiber-reinforced resin composition including (A) a polyolefin resin, (B) an acid-modified polyolefin resin and (C) modified carbon fibers of which the adhesion amount of an amino group-containing modified polylolefin resin is 0.2 to 5.0 mass %, wherein the mass ratio of (A):(B) is 0 to 99.5:100 to 0.5 and the mass ratio [(A)+(B)]:(C) is 40 to 97:60 to 3.

Prime Polymer Co. and Mitsui Chemicals Inc. | Date: 2010-01-06

[Object] To provide a polypropylene resin composition for use in the formation of a microporous membrane having excellent heat resistance and low thermal shrinkage ratio. [Solution] A polypropylene resin composition for use in the formation of a microporous membrane according to the present invention comprises as an essential component a propylene homopolymer (A) that satisfies the following requirements (1) to (4) and (7):

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