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Precision Machinery Research & Development Center and Top Bound Enterprise Co. | Date: 2012-07-13

The present invention relates to a non-stick coated electrosurgical diathermy instrumentation, comprising: a handle portion; an isolation tube, connected to the handle portion by one end thereof; an instrument portion, connected to another end of the isolation tube, wherein an anti-sticking layer is formed on the surface of the instrument portion; and an electrode, connected to the handle portion and an external conductive member. In the present invention, the instrument portion is able to generate heat when the conductive member conducts electricity to the instrument portion.

Precision Machinery Research & Development Center | Date: 2013-01-15

An end effector module includes a palm base and robotic fingers extended from the palm base. Each robotic finger is composed of four joint shafts pivotally coupled with one another, and one of the four joint shafts, namely a start joint shaft, has a driving mechanism for driving a corresponding robotic finger to rotate, and each joint shaft has a driving mechanism to drive a next corresponding joint shaft to turn pivotally and bend with respect to other corresponding joint shafts, so that each robotic finger is module with four degrees of freedom for fine-tuning the position of a suction device installed at an end joint shaft, and the suction device can move along the normal direction of a suction point selected on the surface of a clamped object to achieve the effect of clamping and sucking an object securely without the risk of being loosened easily.

Precision Machinery Research & Development Center | Date: 2013-08-23

An arm assembly includes three first arm units connected to a base frame of a parallel robot, a bracket unit disposed below and spaced apart from the base frame, and three second arm units. Each of the second arm units includes a first axle sub-unit journaled to a respective one of the first arm units, a pair of second axle sub-units connected to the first axle sub-unit, a fourth axle sub-unit journaled to the bracket unit, a pair of third axle sub-units connected to the fourth axle sub-unit, and a pair of rod members. Each of the rod members is connected to a respective one of the second axle sub-units and a respective one of the third axle sub-units.

Precision Machinery Research Development Center | Date: 2011-08-29

A compliant mechanism includes a first unit, a second unit, at least one elastic member and a driver for driving the elastic member to rotate through a predetermined angle. The first and second units collectively define a passage about which the second unit is rotatable relative to the first unit. The elastic member has a plate and first and second shafts which are coaxially connected to two opposite ends of the plate respectively and rotatably connected with the first and second units respectively. The elastic member is rotatable about a co-axis of the first and second shafts and elastically deformable when the second unit rotates relative to the first unit. The elastic member can change its resistance to the rotation of the second unit by rotating; therefore the compliant mechanism has a great safety upon receiving load and is widely applicable in many fields.

Precision Machinery Research & Development Center | Date: 2012-04-30

A finger-gesticulation hand device includes a base frame representing a metacarpal part of the human hand, and at least three digits mounted on the base frame and appearing to be a thumb and at least two fingers. Each digit has at least two phalange portions respectively linked by two joints which permit a flexing movement of the phalange portions between extended and flexed positions. An actuating cord passes through each digit and is actuated by a solenoid actuator unit to pull the phalange portions of the respective digit to the flexed position. The hand device is simple in construction and capable of making hand gestures in a simple manner.

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