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New Haven, CT, United States

Precision Combustion, lnc. | Date: 2012-01-18

An apparatus and process for vaporizing and, optionally, igniting a liquid fuel, preferably, a distillate fuel. The apparatus includes the following components: a heat-conductive reticulated screen positioned within a chamber; a first inlet path into the chamber for delivering a liquid fuel onto the screen; a second inlet path into the chamber for contacting an oxidant with the screen and fuel; a means for heating the screen to a temperature sufficient to vaporize and, optionally, ignite the liquid fuel; and a recuperator in fluid communication with the chamber for transferring heat from the chamber to the second inlet path. The apparatus is suitably employed in compact and portable oxidation reactors, for example, in external combustion engines, catalytic partial oxidation reformers, and hybrid combustors operating in flame and/or catalytic modes.

Precision Combustion, lnc. | Date: 2012-09-13

A method is provided for controlling the operating temperature of a catalytic reactor using a closed-loop system that provides for varying the reactor input and other operating parameters in order to maintain the operating temperature of the reactor at or near the initial setpoint temperature for operation of the reactor. In one example, maximum and minimum operating temperatures with a catalytic partial oxidation reactor are controlled, as well as maintaining control over the corresponding minimum required ratio of oxygen atoms to carbon atoms, such that the operating temperature within the reactor is maintained below the material limits but above threshold temperatures for coking.

Precision Combustion, lnc. | Date: 2013-10-22

A novel catalytic reactor is provided for controlling the contact of a limiting reactant with a catalyst surface. A first flow vessel defines an interior surface and an exterior surface, and the interior surface has a catalyst deposited on at least a portion thereof. A second flow vessel is positioned within the first flow vessel and the second flow vessel defines a porous surface designed to deliver a fluid uniformly to at least a portion of the interior surface of the first flow vessel.

Precision Combustion, lnc. | Date: 2014-02-28

A Sabatier process involving contacting carbon dioxide and hydrogen in a first reaction zone with a first catalyst bed at a temperature greater than a first designated temperature; feeding the effluent from the first reaction zone into a second reaction zone, and contacting the effluent with a second catalyst bed at a temperature equal to or less than a second designated temperature, so as to produce a product stream comprising water and methane. The first and second catalyst beds each individually comprise an ultra-short-channel-length metal substrate. An apparatus for controlling temperature in an exothermic reaction, such as the Sabatier reaction, is disclosed.

Precision Combustion, lnc. | Date: 2015-01-12

A system and method of producing oil is provided. The system includes a support module that provides air, water and fuel to a well. A steam generator is fluidly coupled to the support module to receive the air, water and fuel. The steam generator includes an injector having a plurality of tubes. The tubes have an outer surface with an oxidation catalyst thereon. The steam generator is configured to divide the supplied air and direct a first portion through the tubes. A second portion of the supplied air is mixed with supplied fuel and directed over the outside of the tubes. The air and fuel is burned in a combustor and water is sprayed on the combustion gases to produce steam. The steam and combustion gases are directed in the direction of the oil reservoir.

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