Youngwood, PA, United States
Youngwood, PA, United States

Powerex Inc., is a Pennsylvania-based company specializing in high power semiconductor applications. Powerex supports many markets, including transportation, AC and DC motor controls, UPS, alternative energy, medical power supplies, welding, industrial heating, electrical vehicles, aircraft and communications.Established on January 1, 1986, Powerex inc. was the result of cooperation between two major players in the power semiconductor industry -- the Power Semiconductor Divisions of General Electric Company and Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation later established an equity position in Powerex. In 1994, Westinghouse sold its shares to General Electric and Mitsubishi Electric, the present equal majority shareholders. Corporate offices and manufacturing facilities are located in western Pennsylvania.Powerex offers a broad line of products, including IGBT; MOSFET Modules; Intelligent Power Modules ; DIP-IPM; Module Accessories ; Discrete Thyristors/SCR ; Discrete Rectifiers; Thyristor and Diode Modules; Fast Recovery and Three-Phase Diode Modules; Assemblies; IGBT Assemblies; and Custom Modules. Wikipedia.

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Honsberg M.,MItsubishi Electric | Goto A.,MItsubishi Electric | Motto E.R.,Powerex Inc.
2015 17th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE-ECCE Europe 2015 | Year: 2015

Energy efficiency requirements of PV-inverter and UPS can be reached through multi-level IGBT topologies. A 3-level T-type topology utilizing dedicated 650V and 1200V IGBT and free-wheeling Diode chips (FwDi) and low inductance module construction are essential to create a performing IGBT module for these applications. © 2015 EPE Association and IEEE.

Kadavelugu A.,North Carolina State University | Bhattacharya S.,North Carolina State University | Ryu S.-H.,Cree Inc | Van Brunt E.,Cree Inc | And 2 more authors.
2014 International Power Electronics Conference, IPEC-Hiroshima - ECCE Asia 2014 | Year: 2014

This paper presents extensive experimental switching characteristics of a state-of-the-art 15 kV SiC N-IGBT (0.32 cm2 active area) up to 10 kV, 10 A and 175°C. The influence of the thermal resistance of the module package, cooling mechanism, and the increased energy loss with temperature are investigated for determining the switching frequency limits of the IGBT. Detailed FEM analysis is conducted for extracting the thermal resistance of each layer in the 15 kV module from the IGBT junction to the base plate, and then down to the ambient. Using this thermal information and the experimental switching data, the inductive switching frequency limits are analytically evaluated for liquid and air cooling cases with 660 W/cm2 and 550 W/cm2 power dissipation densities respectively, considering 150°C as maximum junction temperature. The air cooling power dissipation density of the 15 kV IGBT is experimentally validated using a dc-dc boost converter at 10 kV, 6.4 kW output and 550 W/cm2 under steady state operating conditions. The gate resistances used for the entire experiments are R G(ON) = 20 ω and RG(OFF) = 10 ω. © 2014 IEEE.

Grider D.,Cree Inc | Das M.,Cree Inc | Agarwal A.,Cree Inc | Palmour J.,Cree Inc | And 5 more authors.
2011 IEEE Electric Ship Technologies Symposium, ESTS 2011 | Year: 2011

In this paper, the extension of SiC power technology to higher voltage 10 kV/10 A SiC DMOSFETs and SiC JBS diodes is discussed. A new 10 kV/120 A SiC power module using these 10 kV SiC devices is also described which enables a compact 13.8 kV to 465/3 solid state power substation (SSPS) rated at 1 MVA. © 2011 IEEE.

Scofield J.,Air Force Research Lab | Merrett N.,Air Force Research Lab | Richmond J.,Cree Inc | Agarwal A.,Cree Inc | Leslie S.,Powerex Inc.
Materials Science Forum | Year: 2010

In this paper we report the electrical and thermal performance characteristics of 1200 V, 100 A, 200°C (Tj), SiC MOSFET power modules configured in a dual-switch topology. Each switch-diode pair was populated by 2 ×56 mm2 SiC MOSFETs and 2 × 32 mm 2SiC junction barrier Schottky (JBS) diodes providing the 100 A rating at 200°C. Static and dynamic characterization, over rated temperature and power ranges, highlights the performance potential of this technology for highly efficient drive and power conversion applications. Electrical performance comparisons were also made between SiC power modules and equivalently rated and packaged IGBT modules. Even at a modest Tj=125°C, conduction and dynamic loss evaluation for 20kHz, Id=100A operation demonstrated a significant efficiency advantage (38-43%) over the IGBT components. Initial reliability data also illustrates the potential for SiC technology to provide robust performance in harsh environments. © (2010) Trans Tech Publications.

Clark N.,Powerex Inc.
Conference Proceedings - IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition - APEC | Year: 2013

This paper presents a new version of the Dual In-line Package Intelligent Power Module (DIPIPM™ Ver.5) developed by Mitsubishi Electric for motor control in consumer goods. The DIPIPM™ Ver.5 features a complete IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) protection strategy. The bootstrap diode and current limiting resistor are now built-in so that the only external component required for the high side supplies is a bootstrap capacitor. The new 5 th Generation products also provide built-in temperature monitoring with analog feedback to the controller (Figure 1). The DIPIPM™ Ver.5 also contains the unique state-of-the-art high-efficiency 6th Generation 600V CSTBT chip. © 2013 IEEE.

Muralidharan G.,Oak Ridge National Laboratory | Kurumaddali K.,Oak Ridge National Laboratory | Kercher A.K.,Oak Ridge National Laboratory | Leslie S.G.,Powerex Inc.
Proceedings - Electronic Components and Technology Conference | Year: 2010

There is a significant need for next-generation, highperformance power electronic packages and systems with wide band gap devices that operate at high temperatures in automotive and electric grid applications. Sn-3.5Ag solder is a candidate for use in such packages with potential operating temperatures up to 200°C. However, there is a need to understand thermal cycling reliability of Sn-3.5Ag solders. The results of a study on the damage evolution occurring in large area Sn-3.5Ag solder joints between silicon dies and Direct Bonded Copper (DBC) substrates subject to thermal cycling between 200°C and 5°C is presented in this paper. Damage accumulation was followed using high resolution Xray radiography techniques, and nonlinear finite element models were developed based on the mechanical property data available in literature to understand the relationship between the stress state within the solder joint and the damage occurring under thermal cycling conditions. It was observed that regions of damage observed in the experiments do not correspond to the finite element predictions of the location of regions of maximum plastic work. © 2010 IEEE.

Motto E.R.,Powerex Inc.
Power Electronics Technology | Year: 2010

High power IGBT modules employ hybrid IC gate drives including protection circuits that implement desaturation detection or real time control. The usable lower limit for the on-state gate voltage is decided by the IGBT transconductance or gain, and acceptable switching losses. The external series gate resistance (R G) has a significant effect on the IGBT's dynamic performance. A smaller series gate resistor charge and discharge the gate capacitance faster, resulting in increased switching speed and reduced switching losses. The isolating interface for the gate drive signals must be designed with appropriate noise immunity and optocouplers should have a guaranteed minimum common mode transient noise immunity of 10 kV/μsec specified at a common mode voltage (VCM) of at least 1000 V. IGBT modules are designed to survive low impedance short circuits for a minimum of 10 μsec. The output of the AND is used to command the IGBT to shut down to protect it from the short circuit.

Motto E.,Powerex Inc.
Power Electronics Technology | Year: 2010

The new generation 4 DIP-IPM device uses a new low thermal impedance structure in which a partially cured insulating resin sheet is adhered to the rear surface of lead frame after chip bonding. The other surface of the resin sheet is attached to an aluminium heat spreader. The DIP-IPM includes high voltage level shifting provided by integrated high voltage integrated circuit (HVIC) that eliminates the need for relatively expensive optocouplers or pulse transformers, and allows direct connection of all six control inputs to the CPU/DSP. The DIP-IPM is protected from failure of the 15V control power supply by a built-in under-voltage lock out circuit. The new DIP-IPM has been equipped with IGBT chips having a current mirror emitter that supplies a low level current, which is approximately 1/10,000 of the main emitter current allowing the use of a small surface mount current sensing resistor. The built-in HVIC level shifters allow all signals to be referenced to the common ground of the 15V control power supply.

Motto E.R.,Powerex Inc.
Power Electronics Technology | Year: 2010

The three-level inverter has to be partitioned into the circuits in modules according to their power handling requirements to address the circuit complexity issues. The three-level inverter offers several advantages such as the applied voltage on the IGBT is one-half that of a conventional two-level inverter that allow the use of 600V IGBTs in 460V AC applications instead of 1200V devices required in conventional two-level topologies. It has an effective modulation frequency twice that of a conventional inverter, so it offers a cleaner output voltage waveform. The new modules containing four different circuit topologies can be developed to cover a range from 25A to 600A and for the high power range from 300A to 600A, upper and lower half leg modules has been developed. The TLISIM program analyzes operation of a three-level, three-phase inverter and calculates the losses and temperature rises for Powerex TLI modules.

Powerex Inc. and General Electric | Date: 2013-01-29

An electric machine having a rectifier assembly placed within a rotating shaft of the electric machine to convert the AC output of the electric machine to DC prior to transmission of the electricity from the electric machine.

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