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A portable computer numerically controlled non-contact cutting apparatus is provided comprising a housing, and an arm having a base portion attached to the housing and movable along a longitudinal axis of the housing. The arm may comprise a head assembly adapted to receive a cutting device, the head assembly may be movable along a longitudinal axis of the arm, and the arm may be rotatable about the base portion relative to the longitudinal axis of the housing from a retracted position to an extended position. Further, the arm may be adapted to be releasably held in the extended position.

Portable | Date: 2014-03-13

An indicator assembly for a visual life safety alarm is provided including a hollow, generally frustoconical reflector ring having an angled wall. The reflector ring is mounted to a housing of the visual life safety alarm at a first end. A first plurality of light devices is mounted to the housing within a first opening of the first end of the reflector ring. Light from the first plurality of light devices is configured to emit in a generally forwards direction. A second plurality of light devices is mounted to the housing near the angled wall of the reflector ring, opposite the first plurality of light devices. Light from the second plurality of light devices is configured to reflect from the angled wall in a direction generally angled from the visual safety alarm.

An optical emission spectroscopic (OES) instrument includes a spectrometer, a processor and an adjustable mask controlled by the processor. The adjustable mask defines a portion of an analytical gap imaged by the spectrometer. The instrument automatically adjusts the size and position of an opening in the mask, so the spectrometer images an optimal portion of plasma formed in the analytical gap, thereby improving signal and noise characteristics of the instrument, without requiring tedious and time-consuming manual adjustment of the mask during manufacture or use.

Embodiments are directed to a system comprising: a first device, and a second device coupled to the first device via an interface that provides a handshaking algorithm that ensures that only one of the first device and the second device initiates communication over the interface at a given point in time.

Portable | Date: 2014-03-11

New apparatus and methods are provided for positioning and attaching centralizers to the inside sidewalls of a wellbore. One or more centralizers are maintained in the interior of a pipe that is transported downhole into a well for deployment. Preferrably, the pipe is also the wellbores casing and the centralizers are deposited in a top-down manner as the casing travels downhole. The centralizers of the present invention are constructed to have an at least partially circular structure with a central hole. The preferred centralizer has an expanding circular structure wherein the diameter of the centralizer is substantially uniform so as to form an annular construction. Once deployed, the annular centralizer expands to engage the wellbore sidewall with the central hole expanded for passage of the well casing.

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