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Migdal Ha‘Emeq, Israel

Figovsky O.,Polymate Ltd | Pashin D.,Kazan State Technological University | Khalitov Z.,Kazan State Technological University | Khadiev A.,Kazan State Technological University
Chemistry and Chemical Technology | Year: 2014

The mathematical apparatus of simulation diffraction by spiral nanotubes of arbitrary chemical composition, whose structure is described with the use of Bravais cells, is developed. The case of electron microdiffraction by a single nanotube is considered, the distributions of intensity in layer planes and lengthways layer lines are calculated. © Figovsky O., Pashin D., Khalitov Z., Khadiev A., 2014.

Polymate Ltd. and Nanotech Industries Inc. | Date: 2012-04-09

Method of manufacturing track membranes by penetration of working substances into and through the membrane matrix of polymer material is disclosed. The matrix is placed into holder that is inserted into one end of a tubular shell, the other end of which contains a cartridge with an explosive material and a working substance in the form of a supersaturated solution of a water-soluble salt. When the explosive material is detonated, the particles of the water-soluble salt interact with the matrix in the form of a high-speed jet with the velocity of particles in the range of 3800 to 4200 m/sec. As a result of penetrating of the particles into and through the material of the matrix, a plurality of holes is formed in the matrix. The track membranes are produced by slicing the membrane matrix after removal of the residue of the particles by washing the pierced membrane with water.

Polymate Ltd. and Nanotech Industries Inc. | Date: 2010-12-29

A method and apparatus for manufacturing a submicron polymer powder from solid polymer bodies or coarse particles, preferably of polytetrafluoroethylene powder, wherein powder is ground into fibrous particles in the first stage and is disintegrated into submicron particles by aerodynamic treatment in the second stage, where a gas-particle mixture is subject to the effect of centrifugal forces and suction forces acting in the direction opposite to the centrifugal forces, a pulsating sign-alternating temperature field generated by a pulsed supply of liquid nitrogen, turbulent forces of vortexes, and aerodynamic forces that cause alternating compression and expansion of the gas-particle mixture.

Polymate Ltd. and Nanotech Industries Inc. | Date: 2014-06-05

Described is a linear hybrid epoxy-amine hydroxyurethane-grafted polymer with the following structure of the polymer backbone unit: where R is a residue of a diglycidyl ether (epoxy resin); R

Nanotech Industries Inc. and Polymate Ltd. | Date: 2013-02-19

Provided is a method for the spray application of a nonisocyanate polymer foam composition. The method comprises the steps of supplying dosed quantities of the components of the nonisocyanate polymer composition to the mixing chamber where the components react with each other and form a foamable nonisocyanate polymer composition, transferring the foamable nonisocyanate polymer composition to the intermediate chamber of a foam application apparatus and continuously moving the foamable nonisocyanate polymer composition through the intermediate chamber while constantly controlling the parameters of the foamable nonisocyanate polymer composition in the intermediate chamber for providing conditions most optimal for the spray application onto the substrate.

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