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ANDERSON, SC, United States

A fiber-reinforced composite ring for the controlled release of at least one bioactive agent includes a biocompatible matrix reinforced with absorbable/biodegradable fibers capable of providing the mechanical properties needed for inserting and maintaining the ring in a body cavity for a desired period of time. Such ring system as can be used for the intravaginal, intraperitoneal, and subcutaneous delivery of at least one bioactive agent, including those used as contraceptives, antimicrobial agents, and/or antiviral agents, as well as those for the treatment of cancer.

A radiation and radiochemically sterilized, multi-component, fiber-reinforced composite, absorbable/disintegratable urinogenital stent, such as an endoureteral stent, with radiomodulated residence time in the biological site of 1 to 10 weeks depending on the high energy radiation dose used for sterilization.

Absorbable composite medical devices such as surgical meshes and braided sutures, which display two or more absorption/biodegradation and breaking strength retention profiles and exhibit unique properties in different clinical settings, are made using combinations of at least two types of yarns having distinctly different physicochemical and biological properties and incorporate in the subject construct special designs to provide a range of unique properties as clinically useful implants.

This invention describes a partially absorbable, fiber-reinforced composite in the form of a ring, or a suture-like thread, with modified terminals for use as a controlled delivery system of at least one bioactive agent, wherein said composite comprising an absorbable fiber construct capable of providing time-dependent mechanical properties of a biostable elastomeric matrix containing an absorbable microparticulate ion-exchanger to modulate the release of the bioactive agent(s) for a desired period(s) of time at a specific biological site; this can be a vaginal canal, peritoneal cavity, scrotum, prostate gland, an ear loop or subcutaneous tissue. Such drug delivery systems can be used for the local administration of at least one bioactive agent, including those used as contraceptive, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and/or antiviral agents as well as for cancer treatment.

Bioactive liquid formulations are formed of combinations of absorbable, segmented aliphatic polyurethane compositions and liquid polyether for use as vehicles for the controlled release of at least one active agent for the conventional and unconventional treatment of different forms of cancer and the management of at least one type of bacterial, fungal, and viral infection.

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